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E-business software, such as, is based on a relational database management system (RDBMS). This technology is very efficient for transactional input, minimizing redundant data and optimizing system performance. Over the time, the system can change either due to system merger and splits or due to the fast growth of database tables which makes it necessary to move online data to archive files. To enable the retention of legal books and records over long periods of time, a data retention strategy is indispensable.
For this reason, the Data Retention Tool (DART) was designed to provide tools capable of extracting period-dependent financial data, as well as the information required to support financial transactions. This extraction creates a flat file that enables reporting from this file by many third-party software tools. DART works across most SAP R/3 modules and preserves its integrated aspects.
The design of DART is based on an interpretation of IRS Rev. Proc. 98-25. This regulation was published in March 1998 in "Internal Revenue Bulletin 1998-11". These bulletins can be downloaded from the IRS website

Core features

  • The extraction function contains pre-configured retention objects that will meet the basic needs of most customers, but more objects are readily definable. User exits are provided for customizing the tool to extract data from additional sources inside and outside of SAP R/3.
  • A view tool provides a method to join the extracted data into flat files that contain all aspects of a transaction. Views support several standard formats for importing data into other reporting and analysis tools.
  • A query tool provides a display of the extracted data from within the SAP R/3 system.
  • DART transforms database objects into flat files that can be read by any third-party software designed for flat files.







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