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Function group                 Function group short text                                                 
Name of function module        Short text for function module                                            
                               BAPIs f. BOR obj. BUS4003 (AddrContPart)                                  
BAPI_CHARACT_GETLIST           BAPI for Characteristics - Find Name                                      
0002                           Company Code Business Object                                              
BAPI_CCODE_GET_FIRSTDAY_PERIOD For Company Code: First Day of Period                                     
BAPI_CCODE_GET_LASTDAY_FYEAR   For Company Code: Last Day of Fiscal Year                                 
BAPI_COMPANYCODE_EXISTENCECHK  Check if Company Code Exists                                              
BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL     Company Code Details                                                      
BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETLIST       List of Company Codes                                                     
BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GET_PERIOD    For Company Code: Posting Date -> Period, Fiscal Year
0003                           Business Area Business Object                                             
BAPI_BUSINESSAREA_EXISTENCECHK Check if business area exists                                             
BAPI_BUSINESSAREA_GETDETAIL    Business area details                                                     
BAPI_BUSINESSAREA_GETLIST      List of business areas                                                    
0004                           Business Object Controlling Area                                          
BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETDETAIL List Detail Information for Controlling Area                              
0004CORE                       Business Object: Controlling Area (Core)                                  
BAPI_COAREA_GETPERIODLIMITS    Controlling Area: First and Last Day of a Period                          
BAPI_COAREA_GET_RELATED_CCODES Determine Company Codes Assigned to one Controlling Area                  
BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_FIND      Derive Controlling Area from Company Code                                 
BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETLIST   Output List of Controlling Areas                                          
BAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETPERIOD For Controlling Area: Posting Date -> Period, Fiscal Year
0006                           Sales organization                                                        
BAPI_SALESGROUP_GET_DETAIL     Sales Group: Display Name                                                 
BAPI_SALESOFFICE_GET_DETAIL    Sales Office: Display Name                                                
BAPI_SALESOFFICE_GRP_EXIST     Sales Office / Sales Group: Existence Check                               
BAPI_SALESORG_EXIST            Sales Organization: Existence Check                                       
BAPI_SALESORG_GET_DETAIL       Sales Organization: Display Data                                          
BAPI_SALESORG_OFFICE_EXIST     Sales Organization / Sales Office: Existence Check                        
0012                           Business Object BUS0012 (Cost Center)                                     
BAPI_COSTCENTER_CREATEMULTIPLE Create One or More Cost Centers                                           
BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL      Detailed Information About Cost Center For Key Date                       
BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL1     Detail Information for Cost Center on Key Date (1)                        
BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST        List of Cost Centers Using Selection Criteria                             
BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST1       List of Cost Centers for Selection Criteria (1)                           
BAPI_CTR_GETACTALLOCATIONTYPES Checks Which IST-ILV Types are Possible According to Activity Type Categ. 
BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYPRICES     Read prices for cost center/activity type according to selection          
BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYQUANTITIES Rad plan activity/capacity/scheduled activity for cost center/acty type   
BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYTYPES      List of cost centers / activity types with control information            
0014                           Company Business Object                                                   
BAPI_COMPANY_EXISTENCECHECK    Check if company exists                                                   
BAPI_COMPANY_GETDETAIL         Company details                                                           
BAPI_COMPANY_GETLIST           List of companies                                                         
0015                           Profit Center BAPI                                                        
BAPI_PROFITCENTER_CHANGE       Change Profit Center                                                      
BAPI_PROFITCENTER_CREATE       Create Profit Center                                                      
BAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETDETAIL    Display Profit Center Master Data                                         
BAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETLIST      Display List of Profit Centers                                            
0023                           Functional Area Business Object                                           
BAPI_FUNC_AREA_EXISTENCECHECK  Check if functional area exists                                           
BAPI_FUNC_AREA_GETDETAIL       Functional area details                                                   
BAPI_FUNC_AREA_GETLIST         List of functional areas                                                  
0PBAPI0105                     Bapis for infotype 0105                                                   
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CHANGE           Change communication                                                      
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CREATE           Create communication                                                      
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent communication record                                    
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELETE           Delete communication                                                      
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELIMIT          Delimit communications                                                    
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAIL        Read communication                                                        
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAILEDLIST  Communication: Read instances with data                                   
BAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETLIST          Read communication                                                        
1001                           BAPIs for Business Object RetailMaterial                                  
BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT  Create and Change Material Master Data (Retail)                           
1001DIA                        Dialog APIs for Business Object Material                                  
BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE           Flag Material for Deletion                                                
BAPI_MATERIAL_DISPLAY          Display Material                                                          
BAPI_MATERIAL_EDIT             Change Material                                                           
BAPI_RETAILMATERIAL_CREATE     Create Material                                                           
BAPI_RETAILMATERIAL_DELETE     Discontinue Material                                                      
BAPI_STANDARDMATERIAL_CREATE   Create/Extend Material                                                    
1001UEB                        BAPIs for Creating/Changing Matl Data                                     
BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA         Create and Change Material Master Data                                    
1006                           Business partner                                                          
BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHANGEPASSWO Change contact person's password                                          
BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHECKEXISTEN Check contact person's number                                             
BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHECKPASSWOR Check contact person's password                                           
BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CREATE_PW_RE Create entry for contact person's password                                
BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_DELETE_PW_RE Delete entry for contact person's password                                
BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_GET_PW_REG   Read entry for contact person's password                                  
BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_INITPASSWORD Initialize contact person's password                                      
1007                           Customer business object                                                  
BAPI_DEBTOR_CHANGEPASSWORD     Change Customer Password                                                  
BAPI_DEBTOR_CHECKPASSWORD      Check Customer Password                                                   
BAPI_DEBTOR_CREATE_PW_REG      Create Entry for Customer Password                                        
BAPI_DEBTOR_DELETE_PW_REG      Delete Customer Password Entry                                            
BAPI_DEBTOR_EXISTENCECHECK     Check Customer Existence                                                  
BAPI_DEBTOR_FIND               Customer Matchcode                                                        
BAPI_DEBTOR_GETDETAIL          Customer Detail Information                                               
BAPI_DEBTOR_GET_PW_REG         Read Entry for Customer Password                                          
BAPI_DEBTOR_INITPASSWORD       Initialize Customer Password                                              
1008                           Vendor business object                                                    
BAPI_CREDITOR_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change Vendor Password                                                    
BAPI_CREDITOR_CHECKPASSWORD    Check Vendor Password                                                     
BAPI_CREDITOR_CREATE_PW_REG    Create Entry for Vendor Password                                          
BAPI_CREDITOR_DELETE_PW_REG    Delete Entry for Vendor Password                                          
BAPI_CREDITOR_EXISTENCECHECK   Check Existence of Vendor                                                 
BAPI_CREDITOR_FIND             Vendor matchcode                                                          
BAPI_CREDITOR_GETDETAIL        Vendor Details                                                            
BAPI_CREDITOR_GET_PW_REG       Read entry for vendor password                                            
BAPI_CREDITOR_INITPASSWORD     Initialize Vendor Password                                                
1010                           Customer credit account business object                                   
BAPI_CREDIT_ACCOUNT_GET_STATUS Determine Credit Status of Credit Account                                 
BAPI_CREDIT_ACCOUNT_REP_STATUS Receive Credit Management Account Status and Send to Database             
BAPI_CR_ACC_GETDETAIL          BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Master Record Data                                
BAPI_CR_ACC_GETHIGHESTDUNNINGL BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Highest Dunning Level                             
BAPI_CR_ACC_GETOLDESTOPENITEM  BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Oldest Open Item                                  
BAPI_CR_ACC_GETOPENITEMSSTRUCT BAPI/BUS1010: Determine OI Structure                                      
1021                           Spec.Purpose Ledger BUS1021                                               
BAPI_SL_GETTOTALRECORDS        Special Purpose Ledger: Select totals records for accounts                
1022                           BAPIs for BUS1022 (Fixed asset)                                           
BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CHANGE         Changes an Asset                                                          
BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE         Creates an Asset                                                          
BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE1        Creates an Asset                                                          
BAPI_FIXEDASSET_GETDETAIL      Display Detailed Information on a Fixed Asset                             
BAPI_FIXEDASSET_GETLIST        Information on Selected Assets                                            
BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE BAPI for Legacy Data Transfer                                             
1024                           Business Object ConsUnit                                                  
BAPI_CONSUNIT_GETCURRENCY      Procure Reporting Currency                                                
BAPI_CONSUNIT_GETLIST           Display Consolidation Units                                              
1025                           Business Object ConsChartOfAccts                                          
BAPI_CONSCHARTOFACCTS_GETITEMS  Display Financial Statement Items                                        
BAPI_CONSCHARTOFACCTS_GETLIST   Display Consolidation Charts of Accounts                                 
1026                           Business Object ConsLedger                                                
BAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETEQUITY      Display Changes in Investee Equity                                        
BAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETINVESTMENT  Display Changes in Investments                                            
BAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETTOTALS      Display Totals Records                                                    
1027                           Business Object ConsGroup                                                 
BAPI_CONSGROUP_GETCONSUNITS    BAPI - Consolidation Group - Get Consolidation Units                      
BAPI_CONSGROUP_GETLIST         Display Consolidation Groups                                              
1028                           Business Object General Ledger                                            
BAPI_GLX_GETDOCITEMS           Line item of document for ledger with summary table GLFLEXT               
BAPI_GL_GETGLACCBALANCE        Closing balance of G/L account for chosen year                            
BAPI_GL_GETGLACCCURRENTBALANCE Closing balance of G/L account for current year                           
BAPI_GL_GETGLACCPERIODBALANCES Posting period balances for each G/L account                              
1030                           Business Object BUS1030 (Cost Element)                                    
BAPI_COSTELEM_CREATEMULTIPLE   Create One or More Cost Elements                                          
BAPI_COSTELEM_GETDETAIL        Detail Information for Cost Element on Key Date                           
BAPI_COSTELEM_GETLIST          List of Cost Elements for Selection Criteria                              
1031                           Business Object BUS1031 (Activity Type)                                   
BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETDETAIL    Detail Information for Activity Type on Key Date                          
BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETLIST      List of Activity Types Using Selection Criteria                           
BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETPRICES    Output Activity Prices for Activity Types on Key Date                     
BAPI_ACTTYPE_CREATEMULTIPLE    Create One or More Activity Types                                         
1036                           Business Object BUS1036 Business Process                                  
BAPI_PROCESS_CREATEMULTIPLE    Create one or more business processes                                     
BAPI_PROCESS_GETACTALLOCTYPES  Checks Which IST-ILV Types are Possible According to Activity Type Categ. 
BAPI_PROCESS_GETDETAIL         Detail information for business process on key date                       
BAPI_PROCESS_GETLIST           List of business processes per selection conditions                       
BAPI_PROCESS_SAVE_REPLICA      Replicate individual business process (ALE)                               
BAPI_PROCESS_SETSTRUCTURE      Enter template in business process master data                            
1037                           Business object BUS1037                                                   
BAPI_BPCONTACT_ADD_TO_ASGN     BAPI Partner Sales Activity AddToAssigned                                 
BAPI_BPCONTACT_CHANGE          BAPI Change Partner Sales Activity                                        
BAPI_BPCONTACT_CREATEFROMDATA  BAPI Partner Sales Activity Create from Data                              
BAPI_BPCONTACT_CREATEWITHDIA   BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Create from Data Dialog                     
BAPI_BPCONTACT_DELETE          BAPI Delete Partner Sales Activity                                        
BAPI_BPCONTACT_GETDETAIL       BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Get Details                                 
BAPI_BPCONTACT_GETLIST         BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Get List                                    
BAPI_BPCONTACT_REMOVEFROM_ASGN BAPI Partner Sales Activity RemoveFromAssigned                            
BAPI_BPCONTACT_REPLICATE       BAPI Partner Sales Activity Replicate                                     
BAPI_BPCONTACT_REPLICATECHANGE BAPI Partner Sales Activity Replicate Changed Objects                     
BAPI_BPCONTACT_SAVEFROMMEMORY  BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Save from Memory                            
BAPI_BPCONTACT_SETTOACTIVE     BAPI Partner Sales Activity - Set simulated to active                     
1057                           Business Object Investment Program                                        
BAPI_INVPROGRAM_CHECKEXISTENCE Check Existence (of Sub-Tree) of Program                                  
BAPI_INVPROGRAM_GET_LEAVES     Output End Nodes of an Investment Program                                 
BAPI_INVPROGRAM_GET_REQUESTS   Output Appropriation Requests and End Nodes of an Investment Program      
BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SAVE_ENTITIES  Save Assigned Entities in Summarization Database                          
BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SAVE_VALUES    Save Summarized Values in Summarization Database                          
BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SELRE_ENTITIES Select Assigned Entities and Replicate Them in Summarization DB           
BAPI_INVPROGRAM_SELRE_VALUES   Select Values, Summarize Them and Replicate in Summarization DB           
1065                           Business Object Employee                                                  
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_CHANGEPASSWORD  Change employee password                                                  
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_CHECKPASSWORD   Check employee password                                                   
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_CREATE_PW_REG   Create entry for employee password                                        
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_DELETE_PW_REG   Delete entry for employee password                                        
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_DEQUEUE         Unlock employee                                                           
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_ENQUEUE         Lock employee                                                             
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_GET_PW_REG      Read entry for employee password                                          
BAPI_EMPLOYEET_INITPASSWORD    Initialize employee password                                              
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change employee password                                                  
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CHECKEXISTENCE   Check employee existence                                                  
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CHECKPASSWORD    Check employee password                                                   
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_CREATE_PW_REG    Create entry for employee password                                        
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_DELETE_PW_REG    Delete entry for employee password                                        
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_DEQUEUE          Unlock employee                                                           
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE          Lock employee                                                             
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETDATA_OLD      No Longer Used -> Function group RH65
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GET_PW_REG       Read entry for employee password                                          
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_INITPASSWORD     Initialize employee password                                              
1069                           Business object 1069 (retail site)                                        
BAPI_RETAILSITE_GETDEPARTMENTS Determine departments of a plant (including description)                  
BAPI_RETAILSITE_GETMATGROUPS   Material groups for a plant (retail plant) incl. description              
1070                           Business Object Assortment                                                
BAPI_ASSORTMENT_MAINTAINDATA   Maintenance of Assortments                                                
1071                           Prod. cat: BAPIs                                                          
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_ITEMS         Read Product Catalog Items                                                
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LAYOBJ_DESCR  Read Long Text for Layout Area or Layout Area Item                        
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LAYOBJ_DOCS   Read Documents for a Layout Area or a Layout Area Item                    
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LAYOUT        Read Product Catalog Layout                                               
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_LIST          Read Product Catalog List                                                 
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_PRICES        Read Product Catalog Item Prices                                          
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_SALES_AREA    Read Sales Area for a Product Catalog                                     
BAPI_ADV_MED_GET_VARIANT_LIST  Read Product Catalog Variants                                             
BAPI_PRODCAT_GETITEM           Read Individual Product Catalog Item                                      
BAPI_PRODCAT_GETPRICES         Read Product Catalog Item Prices                                          
BAPI_PRODCAT_GET_DETAIL        Read Header Data for a Product Catalog                                    
BAPI_PRODCAT_REPLICATEHEAD     Replicate Basic and Structure Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Outbound)    
BAPI_PRODCAT_REPLICATEITEMS    Replicate Item Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Outbound)                   
BAPI_PRODCAT_SAVEHEADREPLICA   Replicate Basic and Structure Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Inbound)     
BAPI_PRODCAT_SAVEITEMSREPLICA  Replicate Item Data of a Product Catalog (ALE Inbound)                    
1076                           Business Object 1076 (Financial product)                                  
BAPI_FP_CHANGE                 Change Security                                                           
BAPI_FP_CREATEFROMDATA         Create Security                                                           
BAPI_FP_GETDETAIL              Read Security Detailed Data                                               
BAPI_FP_GETLIST                Read Security List                                                        
1078                           DG-Mat: Business object dangerous good                                    
BAPI_DANGEROUSGOOD_REPLICATE   Dangerous goods: Request instances                                        
BAPI_DANGEROUSGOOD_SAVREPMUL   Dangerous goods: Save replicated instances                                
1079                           BAPIs for General Cost Object/Cost Obj                                    
BAPI_COSTOBJECT_GETDETAIL      Determine Details for a General Cost Object                               
BAPI_COSTOBJECT_GETLIST        Determine General Cost Objects for a Controlling Area                     
1120                           Business Object ConsDimension                                             
BAPI_CONSDIMENSION_GETLIST     Display Dimensions                                                        
1121                           Business Object ConsSubitemCategory                                       
BAPI_CONSSUBITEMCATEGORY_LIST  Display Subitem Categories                                                
BAPI_CONSSUBITEMCATEGORY_SITEM Display Subitems                                                          
1122                           Business Object ConsDocumentType                                          
BAPI_CONSDOCUMENTTYPE_GETADJ   Display Document Types for the Entry                                      
BAPI_CONSDOCUMENTTYPE_GETLIST  Display Document Types                                                    
1137                           Business Object 1137 BusProcStructureCO                                   
BAPI_BUSPROCSTRUCTURECO_CREATE BAPI for Creating Fixed Process Structures for Business Processes         
1138                           Business Object BUS1138 (Stat. Key Fig.)                                  
BAPI_KEYFIGURE_CREATEMULTIPLE  Create One or More Statistical Key Figures                                
BAPI_KEYFIGURE_GETDETAIL       Detail Information for Statistical Key Figure on Key Date                 
BAPI_KEYFIGURE_GETLIST         List of Stat. Key Figures for Selection Criteria                          
1139                           CO Resources: Business Object                                             
BAPI_RESOURCECO_SAVE_REPLICA   Replicate individual CO resources (ALE)                                   
1157                           Function Module for BUS1157                                               
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_CHANGE Change Inv. Program Definition                                            
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_CREATE Create Inv. Program Definition                                            
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_EXCHK  Check Existence of Program Definition                                     
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_GETDTL Display Detail List for Program Definition                                
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_GTLIST Display Existing Program Definitions                                      
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGDEF_SAVER  Method 'SaveReplica' for ExpenditureProgDef                               
1158                           Function Module for BUS1158                                               
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_CHG   Change Program Sub-Tree                                                   
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_CHVAL Change Budget/Plan Values on the Positions of a Program Sub-Tree          
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_CREAT Create Program Sub-Tree                                                   
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_DEL   Delete Program Sub-Tree                                                   
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_DLVAL Method 'DeleteValues' for ExpenditureProgTree                             
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_EXCHK Check Program Sub-Tree                                                    
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_GDVAL Determine Values for Program Sub-Tree                                     
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_GTDTL Call Information on Program Sub-Tree                                      
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_GTSTA Return System or User Status                                              
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_REASS Reassign Program Sub-Tree                                                 
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_STSTA Change System or User Status of Positions of Program Sub-Tree             
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_SVRP  Method 'SaveReplica' for ExpenditureProgTree'                             
BAPI_EXPENDITUREPROGTREE_SVRPV Method 'SaveReplicaValues' for ExpenditureProgTree                        
1171                           All Methods for PriceCatalog Object                                       
BAPI_PRICECATALOGUE_EXISTCHECK FM for ExistenceCheck method of BO PriceCatalogue                         
BAPI_PRICECATALOGUE_GETDETAIL  FM for GetDetail method of BO PriceCatalogue                              
BAPI_PRICECATALOGUE_SAVREPLICA Store Price Catalog Instance                                              
2001                           BAPIs project definition                                                  
BAPI_PROJECTDEF_CREATE         Create Project Definition                                                 
BAPI_PROJECTDEF_EXISTENCECHECK Check whether a project definition exists                                 
BAPI_PROJECTDEF_GETDETAIL      Read detailed information for the project definition                      
BAPI_PROJECTDEF_GETLIST        Returns a container of project definitions                                
BAPI_PROJECTDEF_UPDATE         Change Project Definition                                                 
2002                           BAPIs network                                                             
BAPI_NETWORK_EXISTENCECHECK    Check whether network exists                                              
BAPI_NETWORK_GETDETAIL         Read detailed information for network (including all objects)             
BAPI_NETWORK_GETINFO           Read detailed information for networks (including all objects)            
BAPI_NETWORK_GETLIST           Returns a container of network numbers                                    
BAPI_NETWORK_MAINTAIN          Edit networks (incl. all objects)                                         
2004                           BAPI Planned Order Processing                                             
BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_CHANGE       Change planned order                                                      
BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_CREATE       Create planned order                                                      
BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_DELETE       Delete planned order                                                      
BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_EXIST_CHECK  Planned order existence check                                             
BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_GET_DETAIL   Get details for planned order                                             
BAPI_PLANNEDORDER_GET_DET_LIST Get detailed planned order list                                           
2027                           Business Object 2027: Material Reval.                                     
BAPI_M_REVAL_CREATEPRICECHANGE BAPI: Material Revaluation - Generate Price Change                        
BAPI_M_REVAL_GETDETAIL         BAPI: Material Revaluation - Output Document                              
2030                           Business Object Inquiry                                                   
BAPI_CUSTOMERINQUIRY_CHANGE    Change Customer Inquiry                                                   
BAPI_INQUIRY_CREATEFROMDATA    Customer inquiry: Create customer inquiry                                 
BAPI_INQUIRY_CREATEFROMDATA2   Customer Inquiry: Create Customer Inquiry                                 
2031                           Business Object Quotation                                                 
BAPI_CUSTOMERQUOTATION_CHANGE  Change Customer Quotation                                                 
BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA  Customer quotation: Create customer quotation                             
BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2 Customer Quotation: Create Customer Quotation                             
2032                           Business Object Sales Order                                               
BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST    Sales Order: List of All Order Data                                       
BAPI_ORDER_CHANGE_STATUS_GET   Change status for order                                                   
BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA  Creating a Sales Document                                                 
BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE         Sales Order: Change Sales Order                                           
BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1 Sales Order: Create Sales Order                                           
BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 Sales Order: Create Sales Order                                           
BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDATA Create sales order, no more maintenance                                   
BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST        Sales order: List of all orders for customer                              
BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS      Sales order: Display status                                               
BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE       Sales Order: Simulate Sales Order                                         
BAPI_XSI_GET_VTRK_G            Tracking info                                                             
2034                           Business Object Customer Contract                                         
BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATEFROMDATA   Create Customer Contract                                                  
BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE   Change Customer Contract                                                  
2044                           BAPIs for Business Object Cost Estimate                                   
BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_GETDETAIL    Determine detailed information for a cost estimate                        
BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_GETEXPLOSION Determine BOM Explosion for a Cost Estimate                               
BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_GETLIST      Determine cost estimate lists                                             
BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_ITEMIZATION  Determine itemization for a cost estimate                                 
2045                           BAPIs for the insp. lot and subord. obj.                                  
BAPI_INSPCHAR_GETREQUIREMENTS  Load Inspection Specifications for an Inspection Lot Charac.              
BAPI_INSPCHAR_GETRESULT        Load Inspection Results                                                   
BAPI_INSPCHAR_SETRESULT        Confirm Inspection Results                                                
BAPI_INSPLOT_GETDETAIL         Load Detail Data and Usage Decision for Inspection Lot                    
BAPI_INSPLOT_GETLIST           Select Inspection Lots                                                    
BAPI_INSPLOT_GETOPERATIONS     Select Inspection Operations for Inspection Lots                          
BAPI_INSPLOT_GETSTATUS         Get Current Status Information for Inspection Lot                         
BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION  Automatic Usage Decision                                                  
BAPI_INSPOPER_GETCHAR          Select Inspection Characteristics                                         
BAPI_INSPOPER_GETLIST          Select Inspection Operations for Inspection Lots                          
BAPI_INSPPOINT_CHANGE          Change Inspection Point                                                   
BAPI_INSPPOINT_CREATEFROMDATA  Create Inspection Point                                                   
BAPI_INSPPOINT_GETLIST         Select Inspection Points                                                  
BAPI_INSPPOINT_GETREQUIREMENTS Load Inspection Specifications and Inspection Points                      
2054                           BAPIs work breakdown structure                                            
BAPI_FIELDNAME_EXT_GET         Return External Field Names (for BAPI Error Messages)                     
BAPI_PROJECT_GETINFO           Read Detailed Information for Work Breakdown Structures                   
BAPI_PROJECT_MAINTAIN          Edit Project Including Networks                                           
BAPI_PROJECT_SAVEREPLICA       Replicate Work Breakdown Structure (ALE)                                  
2073                           BAPI profit center document                                               
BAPI_PCA_BELEG_DELETE          Delete profit center documents (ALE)                                      
BAPI_PCA_BELEG_REVERSE         Reversal of existing document line items (ALE)                            
BAPI_PCA_BELEG_SAVEREPLICA     Replicate PCA Line Items (ALE)                                            
BAPI_PCA_PLANBELEG_SAVEREPLICA Replicate EC-PCA Plan Line Items (ALE)                                    
2075                           FM for business object "Internal orders"                                  
BAPI_INTERNALORDER_CREATE      Create Internal Order From Transferred Data                               
BAPI_INTERNALORDER_GETDETAIL   Display master data, status, and valid business trans. for internal order 
BAPI_INTERNALORDER_GETLIST     Display list of internal orders according to various criteria             
BAPI_INTERNALORDER_SAVEREPLICA Replicate individual internal order (ALE)                                 
2076                           BAPIs for Cost Obj Hier/Cost Obj Node                                     
BAPI_COSTOBJNODE_GETDETAIL     Determine Details for a Cost Object Node                                  
BAPI_COSTOBJNODE_GETHIERARCHY  Determine Cost Object Hierarchy                                           
BAPI_COSTOBJNODE_GETLIST       Determine Cost Object Nodes in a Controlling Area                         
2078                           BAPIs for quality notifications                                           
BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_CREATE         Create Quality Notification                                               
BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETCATALPROFIL Determine Catalog Profile for Quality Notification                        
BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETKEYFIGURES  Determines Existing Quality Notifications                                 
BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETLISTFORCUST Select Quality Notifications for a Customer                               
BAPI_QNOTIFICAT_GETMATLISTFCUS Select a Customer Material List for Quality Notifications                 
2085                           Allocation table: BAPIs                                                   
BAPI_MATALLOC_CONFIRMREQUEST   Report requested quantities for items and delivery phases (AllocTbl reply)
BAPI_MATALLOC_GETDETAILEDLIST  List of alloc tbls and items for a store                                  
2100                           Business Objects Settlement (BAPI)                                        
BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CHANGE Agency Business: Change Settlement Request List BAPI                      
BAPI_SETTLEMENTREQSLIST_CREATE Agency Business: Create Settlement Request List BAPI                      
BAPI_SETTREQSLIST_GETLIST      Agency Business: BAPI Determine Settlement Request List Detailed Data     
BAPI_SETTREQSLIST_RELEASE      Agency Business: BAPI Release Settlement Request List Documents to FI     
BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CANCELMULT Agency Business: BAPI Cancel Single Settlement Requests                   
BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CHANGEMULT Agency Business: BAPI Change Single Settlement Requests                   
BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_CREATEMULT Agency Business: Create Single Settlement Request BAPI                    
BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_GETLIST    Agency Business: BAPI Determine Singe Request Detailed Data               
BAPI_SINGLESETTREQS_RELEASE    Agency Business: BAPI Release Single Settlement Request Documents to FI   
2106                           BAPIs for object type BUS2106                                             
BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_CHG_STATUS   Additionals: Updating the Status of Additional IDocs                      
BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_GET_PUR_LIST Additionals Purchase Orders for an Additionals Vendor                     
BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_REPLICATE    Request Detailed Data on Additionals                                      
BAPI_SALESADDIREQ_STORE_REPLI  Additionals Data for Material Carried in a Plant                          
2116                           Methods for BO prod.order confirmation                                    
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CANCEL        Cancel Production Order Confirmation                                      
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_ACT    Enter Activity Confirmation                                               
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_HDR    Enter Order Confirmations                                                 
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TE     Enter Time Event Confirmation                                             
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT     Enter Time Ticket Confirmation                                            
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_EXIST_CHK     Existence Check for Confirming Production Order                           
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GETDETAIL     Detailed Data for Production Order Confirmation                           
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GETLIST       Confirmations List                                                        
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GET_HDR_PROP  Propose Data for Order Confirmation                                       
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GET_TE_PROP   Propose Data for Time Event Confirmation                                  
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_GET_TT_PROP   Propose Data for Time Ticket Confirmation                                 
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_PDC_UPLOAD_TE Transfer Time Event Confirmations from PDC System                         
BAPI_PRODORDCONF_PDC_UPLOAD_TT Transfer Time Ticket Confirmations from PDC System                        
2125                           Business Objects Posting List (BAPI)                                      
BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_CHANGEMUL Agency Business: Change Posting Lists BAPI                                
BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_CREATEMUL Agency Business: Generate Posting Lists BAPI                              
BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_GETLIST   Agency Business: BAPI Determine Posting List Detailed Data                
BAPI_VENDTRIGCBDLIST_RELEASE   Agency Business: BAPI Release Posting Lists Document to FI                
2126                           Business Objects Remuneration (BAPI)                                      
BAPI_REMUREQSLISTA_CREATEMULT  Agency Business: BAPI Create Invoice Lists from Vendor Billing Documents  
BAPI_REMUREQSLISTB_CREATEMULT  Agency Business: BAPI Create Invoice Lists from Payment Documents         
BAPI_REMUREQSLISTC_CREATEMULT  Agency Business: BAPI Create Invoice Lists from Posting Lists             
BAPI_REMUREQSLIST_CHANGEMULT   Agency Business: Change Invoice List Documents BAPI                       
BAPI_REMUREQSLIST_GETLIST      Agency Business: BAPI Determine Detailed Data for Invoice List Documents  
BAPI_REMUREQSLIST_RELEASE      Agency Business: BAPI Release Invoice List Documents to FI                
BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CANCELMULT Agency Business: Cancel Vendor Billing Documents BAPI                     
BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CHANGEMULT Agency Business: Change Vendor Billing Documents BAPI                     
BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_CREATEMULT Agency Business: Generate Vendor Billing Documents BAPI                   
BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_GETLIST    Agency Business: BAPI Determine Vendor Billing Document Detailed Data     
BAPI_SINGLEREMUREQS_RELEASE    Agency Business: BAPI Release Vendor Billing Documents to FI              
2127                           Methods for BO REM Backflush                                              
BAPI_REPMANCONF_CANCEL         Reverse REM Backflush                                                     
BAPI_REPMANCONF_CREATE_MTO     Execute Backflush in Sales Order Scenario                                 
BAPI_REPMANCONF_CREATE_MTS     Execute Backflush in Stock Scenario                                       
BAPI_REPMANCONF_CREATE_PLOT    Execute Backflush in Production Lot Scenario                              
BAPI_REPMANCONF_EXIST_CHK      Existency Check for Backflush in Repetitive Manufacturing                 
3006                           Business Objekt General Ledger Account                                    
BAPI_GL_ACC_EXISTENCECHECK     Check existence of G/L account                                            
BAPI_GL_ACC_GETBALANCE         Closing balance of G/L account for chosen year                            
BAPI_GL_ACC_GETCURRENTBALANCE  Closing balance of G/L account for current year                           
BAPI_GL_ACC_GETLIST            List of G/L accounts for each company code                                
BAPI_GL_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES  Posting period balances for each G/L account                              
3006_HRO                       Business object G/L account                                               
BAPI_GL_ACC_GETDETAIL          G/L account details                                                       
3007                           Customer account business object                                          
BAPI_AR_ACC_GETBALANCEDITEMS   Customer account clearing transactions in a given time period             
BAPI_AR_ACC_GETCURRENTBALANCE  Closing balance of customer account in current fiscal year                
BAPI_AR_ACC_GETKEYDATEBALANCE  Customer account balance at a key date                                    
BAPI_AR_ACC_GETOPENITEMS       Customer account open items at a key date                                 
BAPI_AR_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES  Posting period totals per customer account in current fiscal year         
BAPI_AR_ACC_GETSTATEMENT       Customer account statement for a given period                             
3008                           Vendor account business object                                            
BAPI_AP_ACC_GETBALANCEDITEMS   Vendor Account Clearing Transactions in a given Period                    
BAPI_AP_ACC_GETCURRENTBALANCE  Vendor Account Closing Balance in Current Fiscal Year                     
BAPI_AP_ACC_GETKEYDATEBALANCE  Vendor Account Balance at Key Date                                        
BAPI_AP_ACC_GETOPENITEMS       Vendor Account Open Items at a Key Date                                   
BAPI_AP_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES  Posting Period Balances per Vendor Account in Current Fiscal Year         
BAPI_AP_ACC_GETSTATEMENT       Vendor Account Statement for a given Period                               
3027                           Business Object Planned Ind. Requirement                                  
BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_CHANGE       Planned independent requirement: Change planned independent reqmt         
BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_CREATE       Planned Independent Requirements: Create Planned Independent Reqmts       
BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_GETDETAIL    Planned Independent Requirements: Display Details for Pland Indep. Reqmts 
BAPI_REQUIREMENTS_SIMULATE     Planned Independent Requirements: Simulate Creating/Changing PlndIndepReq.
3032                           Assortment list: BAPIs                                                    
BAPI_ASSORTMENTLIST_GETGROUP   Select Assortment List Groups                                             
BAPI_ASSORTMENTLIST_GETHEAD    Select Assortment List Header                                             
BAPI_ASSORTMENTLIST_GETPOS     Select Assortment List Items                                              
3033                           Definition/Implementation BO BUS3033                                      
BAPI_CUSTMATINFO_GETDETAILM    BAPI Public CustomerMaterialInfo getDetailMultiple()                      
BAPI_CUSTMATINFO_GETLIST       BAPI Public CustomerMaterialInfo getList()                                
4499                           Business Object: Bank Statement                                           
BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMBALANCE Store account balance/check debit information                             
BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMLOCKBOX Create lockbox data                                                       
BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMPREVDAY Create Bank Statement/Day-End Statement                                   
BAPI_ACCSTMT_CREATEFROMSAMEDAY Create Bank Statement/Today's Data                                        
6003                           Sales and distribution area                                               
BAPI_SDAREA_EXIST              SD Area: Existence Check                                                  
BAPI_SDAREA_GET_LIST           SD Area: Possible Entries                                                 
6026                           Costs and Activity Type Planning                                          
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKACTINPUT  Activity Input Planning: Check                                            
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKACTOUTPUT Activity/Price Planning: Check                                            
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKKEYFIGURE Stat. Key Figure Planning: Check                                          
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_CHECKPRIMCOST  Primary Cost Planning: Check                                              
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTACTINPUT   Activity Input Planning: Posting                                          
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTACTOUTPUT  Activity/Price Planning: Posting                                          
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTKEYFIGURE  Stat. Key Figure Planning: Postings                                       
BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTPRIMCOST   Primary Cost Planning: Postings                                           
6031                           BusObj 6031: PlanDataTransferCO                                           
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKACTINPUT   Plan data transfer: Check activity input                                  
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKACTOUTPUT  Plan data transfer: Check activity planning                               
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKKEYFIGURE  Plan data transfer: Check stat. key figures                               
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_CHECKPRIMCOST   Plan Data Transfer: Check Primary Costs                                   
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_GETSOURCEINFOS  Information About Settings for Plan Data Source                           
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTACTINPUT    Planning Data Transfer: Post Activity Input                               
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTACTOUTPUT   Planning Data Transfer: Post Activity Planning                            
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTKEYFIGURE   Transfer of Planning Data: Post Stat. Key Figures                         
BAPI_PDTRANSCO_POSTPRIMCOST    Transfer of Planning Data: Post Primary Costs                             
6032                           BAPI STORE ORDER                                                          
BAPI_STOREORDER_CHANGE         Change Documents (PR, PR, Delivery or Sales Order) From Store Orders      
BAPI_STOREORDER_CREATE         Creates Documents (PR, PO, Delivery or Sales order) From Store Orders     
7004                           Display Payroll Results                                                   
BAPI_GET_PAYROLL_RESULT_LIST   Directory of payroll results for one personnel number                     
BAPI_GET_PAYSLIP               Selected remuneration statement for a personnel number                    
BAPI_GET_PAYSLIP_HTML          Payroll form for employees in HTML format                                 
7023                           Bapis for Business-Object BUS7023                                         
BAPI_EXTPAYROLL_INSERT_LEGACY  Payroll Account Transfer                                                  
BAPI_EXTPAYROLL_INSERT_OUT     Payroll Result Update by a Third-Party Payroll Run                        
ABSE                           Object Type "Absence"                                                     
BAPI_ABSENCE_APPROVE           Unlock absence                                                            
BAPI_ABSENCE_CHANGE            Change absence                                                            
BAPI_ABSENCE_CREATE            Create absence                                                            
BAPI_ABSENCE_DELETE            Delete absence                                                            
BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAIL         Read absence                                                              
BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAILEDLIST   Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_ABSENCE_GETLIST           Read instances                                                            
BAPI_ABSENCE_REQUEST           Create locked absence                                                     
BAPI_ABSENCE_SIMULATECREATION  Simulation: Create absence                                                
ACC4                           FI/CO: BAPIs for UPDATE                                                   
BAPI_ACC_BILLING_CHECK         Accounting: Check Billing Doc. (OAG: LOAD RECEIVABLE)                     
BAPI_ACC_BILLING_POST          Accounting: Post Billing Document (OAG: LOAD RECEIVABLE)                  
BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_EXP_CHECK    Accounting: Check G/L Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG: POST JOURNAL)  
BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_EXP_POST     Accounting: Post G/L Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG: POST JOURNAL)   
BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_PAY_CHECK    Accounting: Check Vendor Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG:LOAD PAYABLE)
BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_PAY_POST     Accounting: Post Vendor Acct Assignment for HR Posting (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)
BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_REC_CHECK    Accounting: Check Cust. Acct Assignmt for HR Posting (OAG:LOAD RECEIVABLE)
BAPI_ACC_EMPLOYEE_REC_POST     Accounting: Post Cust. Acct Assigt for HR Posting (OAG: LOAD RECEIVABLE)  
BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_CHECK      Accounting: General G/L Account Posting                                   
BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST       Accounting: General G/L Account Posting                                   
BAPI_ACC_GOODS_MOVEMENT_CHECK  Accounting: Check Goods Movement (OAG: POST JOURNAL)                      
BAPI_ACC_GOODS_MOVEMENT_POST   Accounting: Post Goods Movement (OAG: POST JOURNAL)                       
BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_CHECK Accounting: Check Invoice Receipt (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)                     
BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST  Accounting: Post Invoice Receipt (OAG: LOAD PAYABLE)                      
BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_ORDER_CHECK  Accounting: Check Purchase Order                                          
BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_ORDER_POST   Accounting: Post Purchase Order                                           
BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_REQUI_CHECK  Accounting: Check Purchase Requisition                                    
BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_REQUI_POST   Accounting: Post Purchase Requisition                                     
BAPI_ACC_SALES_ORDER_CHECK     Accounting: Check Sales Order                                             
BAPI_ACC_SALES_ORDER_POST      Accounting: Post Sales Order                                              
BAPI_ACC_SALES_QUOTA_CHECK     Accounting: Check Customer Quotation                                      
BAPI_ACC_SALES_QUOTA_POST      Accounting: Post Customer Quotation                                       
BAPI_ACC_TRAVEL_CHECK          Accounting: Check Trip                                                    
BAPI_ACC_TRAVEL_POST           Accounting: Post Trip                                                     
ACC5                           FI/CO: BAPIs Asset Postings                                               
BAPI_ACC_ASSET_ACQ_SETT_CHECK  ACC: Asset Acquisition - Synchronous Determination of Capitalization Value
BAPI_ACC_ASSET_ACQ_SETT_POST   ACC: Asset Acquisition-Asynchronous Determination of Capitalization Value 
BAPI_ACC_ASS_ACQUISITION_CHECK Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                           
BAPI_ACC_ASS_INTRA_TRANS_CHECK Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                           
BAPI_ACC_ASS_POSTCAP_CHECK     Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                           
BAPI_ACC_ASS_RETIREMENT_CHECK  Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                           
BAPI_ACC_ASS_TRANSFER_CHECK    Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                           
BAPI_ACC_ASS_TRANSFER_POST     Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                           
BAPI_ACC_ASS_TRANS_ACQ_CHECK   Accounting: Check Acquisition from Transfer                               
BAPI_ACC_ASS_TRANS_ACQ_POST    Accounting: Post Acquisition from Transfer                                
BAPI_ACC_ASS_TRANS_RET_CHECK   Accounting: Post Asset Transfer                                           
BAPI_ACC_AUC_ACQUISITION_CHECK Accounting: Asset Acquisition from Settlement                             
BAPI_ACC_AUC_ACQUISITION_POST  Accounting: Asset Acquisition from Settlement                             
ACC7                           CO: Check and Substitution for HR                                         
BAPI_CODINGBLOCK_PRECHECK_HR   Check Module: CO Account Assignments in Personnel Settlement              
BAPI_FIXACCOUNT_GETLIST        Read TKA30                                                                
ACC7CORE                       CO: Check and Substitution for HR                                         
BAPI_COST_ELEM_FIXACCOUNT_GET  Read Fixed Account Assignment for Company Code/Business Area/Cost Element 
AEMM                           Additionals in integrated mat. maint.                                     
BAPI_ADDITIONAL_MAINTAINDATA   Create and change additionals assignments (Retail)                        
AIA_BAPI                       FMs for BAPIs                                                             
BAPI_APPREQUEST_ADDVARIANT     Add a Variant to an Appropriation Request                                 
BAPI_APPREQUEST_CHANGE         Change an Appropriation Request                                           
BAPI_APPREQUEST_CHANGEVARIANT  Change Appropriation Request Variant                                      
BAPI_APPREQUEST_CREATE         Create Appropriation Request                                              
BAPI_APPREQUEST_DELETE         Deletion of an Appropriation Request                                      
BAPI_APPREQUEST_GETDETAIL      Display of an Appropriation Request                                       
BAPI_APPREQUEST_GETSTATUS      Display Status of an Appropriation Request                                
BAPI_APPREQUEST_REMOVEVARIANT  Delete an Appropriation Request Variant                                   
BAPI_APPREQUEST_SETSTATUS      Setting System and User Status of Appropriation Request                   
BAPI_APPREQUEST_SETSTATUSVARNT Setting of User and System Status on Variants                             
AMFA                           Fixed asset posting BAPIs                                                 
BAPI_ASSET_ACQUISITION_CHECK   Check asset acquisition                                                   
BAPI_ASSET_ACQUISITION_POST    Post asset acquisition                                                    
BAPI_ASSET_POSTCAP_CHECK       Check post-capitalization                                                 
BAPI_ASSET_POSTCAP_POST        Post post-capitalization                                                  
BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_CHECK    Check asset retirement                                                    
BAPI_ASSET_RETIREMENT_POST     Post asset retirement                                                     
APPL                           Business Object Applicant                                                 
BAPI_APPLICANT_CHANGEPASSWORD  Change applicant password                                                 
BAPI_APPLICANT_CHECKEXISTENCE  Check applicant's existence                                               
BAPI_APPLICANT_CHECKPASSWORD   Check applicant password                                                  
BAPI_APPLICANT_CREATE          Create applicant                                                          
BAPI_APPLICANT_CREATE_PW_REG   Create entry for applicant password                                       
BAPI_APPLICANT_DELETE_PW_REG   Delete entry for applicant password                                       
BAPI_APPLICANT_DEQUEUE         Unlock Applicant                                                          
BAPI_APPLICANT_ENQUEUE         Lock Applicant                                                            
BAPI_APPLICANT_GETSTATUS       Determine applicant status                                                
BAPI_APPLICANT_GET_PW_REG      Read entry for applicant password                                         
BAPI_APPLICANT_INITPASSWORD    Initialize applicant password                                             
APPLICATION                    Business Object Application                                               
BAPI_APPLICATION_CREATE        Create Application                                                        
BACV                           BAPI Conversion Routines                                                  
BAPI_CONVERSION_EXT2INT        Convert Data from External Format into Internal Format                    
BAPI_CONVERSION_EXT2INT1       Convert Data from External Format into Internal Format                    
BAPI_CONVERSION_INT2EXT        Convert data from internal format into external format                    
BAPI_CONVERSION_INT2EXT1       Convert data from Internal Format into External Format                    
BAPICATS                       BAPIs for BUS 7024                                                        
BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_CHANGE     CATS: Change Data Records                                                 
BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_DELETE     CATS: Delete Data Records                                                 
BAPI_CATIMESHEETMGR_INSERT     CATS: Insert Data Records                                                 
BAPICATSRECORD                 BAPIs for BUS TIMESHREC                                                   
BAPI_CATIMESHEETRECORD_GETLIST Time Sheet: Data Record List                                              
BAPIEMPLOYEECATS               BAPIs for BUS 7025                                                        
BAPI_EECATIMESHEET_GETWORKLIST Time Sheet: Read Worklist                                                 
BAPIS1068                      BAPIs for retail promotions                                               
BAPI_PROMO_CHANGESITEPLANNING  Change of Quantities and Prices from Plants In a Promotion                
BAPI_PROMO_CONFIRMREQUEST      Replies Containing Required Quantities of a Plant                         
BAPI_PROMO_CREATE              Create a Promotion                                                        
BAPI_PROMO_GETANNOUNCEDLIST    List of Promotions for a Plant                                            
BAPI_PROMO_GETSITEPLANNING     Detailed Data for the Plants Involved in a Promotion                      
BAPI_PROMO_GETSITEPLANNING1    Detailed Data for the Plants Involved in a Promotion                      
BAPIS1073                      BAPIs for Season Management                                               
BAPI_PRICEMARKDOWNPLAN_CREATE  Create a markdown plan                                                    
BAPT                           Transaction control for BAPIs                                             
BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT        Execute external Commit when using BAPIs                                  
BAPI_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK      Execute external Rollback when using BAPIs                                
BARCODE                        Function module for object BARCODE                                        
BAPI_BARCODE_SENDLIST          Function module for BAPI BARCODE.SendList                                 
BASB                           Service Master Record: BAPIs                                              
BAPI_SERVICE_GET_DETAIL        Read Detailed Data for a Service Master Record                            
BAPI_SERVICE_GET_LIST          List Display for Service Master Records                                   
BASR                           Functions for BAPI Service Reports                                        
BAPI_MONITOR_CHECKDOCU         Check that BAPI documentation is availablle                               
BAPI_MONITOR_GETLIST           Create BAPI List                                                          
BATG                           BAPIs for Reading Documentation                                           
BAPI_APPLICATIONLOG_GETDETAIL  Read Details of Entries in Application Log                                
BAPI_FIELDHELP_GETDOCU         Read input help for BAPI interface parameter                              
BAPI_HYPERLINK_GETTEXT         Read Hypertext Links of Documentation                                     
BAPI_INTERFACE_GETDOCU         Read BAPI interface documentation                                         
BAPI_MESSAGE_GETDETAIL         Read long text of error message                                           
BD02                           ALE: customer model                                                       
BAPI_ALE_MODEL_GET             BAPI: read ALE distribution model                                         
BDBG                           Tool and templates for BAPI IDocs                                         
BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1               Inbound BAPI IDoc: Individual Processing                                  
BAPI_IDOC_INPUTP               Inbound BAPI IDoc: Packet Processing                                      
BDMON                          ALE CCMS monitoring functions                                             
BAPI_IDOCAPPL_DISPLAY          Call Report for IDoc Display                                              
BEACTIVITY                     Process modeling activity                                                 
BAPI_ACTIVITY_COMPARE          Test Module for Modeling                                                  
BAPI_ACTIVITY_GETCOUPLING      Get activity coupling events                                              
BAPI_ACTIVITY_GETDETAIL        Read diagram                                                              
BAPI_ACTIVITY_GETPOTCOUPLING   Get potential coupling events between two activities                      
BEANSWER                       Answer                                                                    
BAPI_ANSWER_READMULTIPLE       Read answers                                                              
BEBAC                          Application component                                                     
BAPI_APPCOMP_READMULTIPLE      Read application component ID                                             
BEDIA                          Process Modeling Diagram Module                                           
BAPI_PROCDIA_READMULTIPLE      Read process diagram modules                                              
BAPI_PROCDIA_WRITEMULTIPLE     Write process diagram modules                                             
BEDIAVAR                       Process Modeling Diagram Variant                                          
BAPI_DIAVAR_READMULTIPLE       Read diagram variants                                                     
BAPI_DIAVAR_WRITEMULTIPLE      Write diagram variants                                                    
BEEVENT                        Process modeling event                                                    
BAPI_PROCEVENT_READMULTIPLE    Read events                                                               
BAPI_PROCEVENT_WRITEMULTIPLE   Write events                                                              
BEFILTER                       Hierarchy Filter                                                          
BAPI_HIERFILT_READMULTIPLE     Read hierarchy filter                                                     
BAPI_HIERFILT_WRITEMULTIPLE    Write hierarchy filter                                                    
BEFUNCT                        Process modeling function                                                 
BAPI_PROCFUNCT_READMULTIPLE    Read functions                                                            
BAPI_PROCFUNCT_WRITEMULTIPLE   Write functions                                                           
BEGEN                          General Methods                                                           
BAPI_MODOBJ_DEQUEUE            Unlock model object                                                       
BAPI_OBJID_GETLIST             Get new object IDs                                                        
BEGROUP                        Obsolete                                                                  
BAPI_PROCGROUP_READMULTIPLE    Read visualization group  (obsolete)                                      
BAPI_PROCGROUP_WRITEMULTIPLE   Write visualization groups (obsolete)                                     
BEPROC                         Process module                                                            
BAPI_PROCCOMP_READMULTIPLE     Read process modules                                                      
BEPROCVAR                      Process Variant                                                           
BAPI_PROCVAR_READMULTIPLE      Read process variants                                                     
BEPROJECT                      Customizing project                                                       
BAPI_CUSPRO_DISPLAY            Display customizing project                                               
BAPI_CUSPRO_WRITESCOPE         Write project scope and enhancementsn                                     
BEQADB                         QADB Hierarchy                                                            
BAPI_QADB_READ                 Read SAP Reference Structure for Q&Adb
BEQUESTION                     Question                                                                  
BAPI_QUESTION_READMULTIPLE     Read question                                                             
BESTRUCT                       SAP Reference Structure (module)                                          
BAPI_HIERSTRUCT_READMULTIPLE   Read hierarchy structures                                                 
BAPI_HIERSTRUCT_WRITEMULTIPLE  Write hierarchy structures                                                
BFCR                           BAPI Currency Conversion Tools                                            
BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_EXTERNAL Conversion of Currency Amounts into External Data Format                  
BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_EXTERN_9 Conversion of Currency Amounts into External Data Format                  
BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_INTERNAL Conversion of Currency Amounts into Internal Data Format                  
BAPI_CURRENCY_CONV_TO_INTERN_9 Conversion of Currency Amounts into Internal Data Format                  
BFHV                           BAPIs for the object type HelpValues                                      
BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET            Determine Allowed Input Values (F4) for Fields in BAPI Parameters         
BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET_SEARCHHELP Search Help for Possible Values of BAPI Parameters                        
BPAY                           Basic pay object type                                                     
BAPI_BASICPAYEVALUATEWAGETYPES Valuate Person-Specific Wage Types                                        
BAPI_BASICPAY_APPROVE          Unlock basic pay                                                          
BAPI_BASICPAY_CHANGE           Change basic pay                                                          
BAPI_BASICPAY_CREATE           Create basic pay                                                          
BAPI_BASICPAY_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent basic pay record                                        
BAPI_BASICPAY_DELETE           Delete Basic Pay                                                          
BAPI_BASICPAY_EVALUATEWAGETYPS Create Basic Pay                                                          
BAPI_BASICPAY_GETDETAIL        Read basic pay                                                            
BAPI_BASICPAY_GETLIST          Read instances                                                            
BAPI_BASICPAY_REQUEST          Create locked basic pay record                                            
BAPI_BASICPAY_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create basic pay                                              
BAPI_WAGETYPE_EMPLOYEEGETLIST  Read Wage Types                                                           
BAPI_WAGETYPE_GETLIST          Read Wage Types                                                           
BUBA                           BAPIs for BOR Object BUS1006                                              
BAPI_BP_REFERENCE_CREATE       Create BP/Logsys/GUID Reference Record in Target System                   
BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_CHANGE   CBP: BAPI for Changing Business Partner                                   
BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_CREATE   CBP: BAPI for Creating Business Partner                                   
BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_MODIFY   CBP: BAPI for Modifying (Creating/Changing) Business Partner              
BAPI_BUSINESS_PARTN_GET_DETAIL CBP: Business Partner Detailed Information                                
BUS1001                        BAPIs for the Business Object Material                                    
BAPI_MATERIAL_EXISTENCECHECK   Check Existence of Material                                               
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETBATCHCERT     Create Quality Certificate for Batch in Portable Document Format (PDF)    
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETBATCHES       Create Batch List for a Material                                          
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETCHARMERCHHIER Supply Characteristics of Retail Material for Material Group Hierarchy    
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETINTNUMBER     Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type                           
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETINTNUMBERRET  Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type for Retail Materials      
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETLIST          Supply List of Materials for Search Criteria Transferred                  
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETVARNUMBERS    Supply Material Numbers for New Variants of a Generic Material            
BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_DETAIL       Determine Details for a Material                                          
BAPI_STDMATERIAL_GETINTNUMBER  Assign New Internal Numbers for a Material Type                           
BUS1090                        Business object currency                                                  
BAPI_CURRENCY_GETDECIMALS      Currency: Decimal places                                                  
BAPI_CURRENCY_GETLIST          Display All Currency Codes Existing in the SAP System                     
BUS1093                        BAPIs to BO exchange rate                                                 
BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_CREATE       Insert an entry in table of exchange rates                                
BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_GETDETAIL    Exchange rate stored for exch.rate type, currency pair, value date        
BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_GETFACTORS   Read exchange rate relationship for currency pair                         
BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_SAVEREPLICA  Replication of currency rates                                             
BAPI_EXCHRATE_CREATEMULTIPLE   Insert one or more exchange rates in SAP tables                           
BAPI_EXCHRATE_GETCURRENTRATES  Output selected exchange rates and factors from the SAP system            
BAPI_EXCHRATE_GETLISTRATETYPES List of exchange rate types used for exchange rates                       
CLBP                           Class BAPIs                                                               
BAPI_CLASS_ALLOC_GLOB_DEP      BAPI: Assign Global Dependencies to Class                                 
BAPI_CLASS_CHANGE              BAPI: Change Class                                                        
BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_DEL_DEP   Class BAPI: Delete Local / Global Dependencies for Characteristic Value   
BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_GLOB_DEP  Class BAPI: Assign Global Dependencies to Characteristic Value            
BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_LOCAL_DEP Class BAPI: Maintain Local Dependency for Characteristic Value            
BAPI_CLASS_CHARVALUE_READ_ALLO Class BAPI: Read Dependencies for Characteristic Value                    
BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_ALLOC_GLOB_DEP Class BAPI: Global Dependencies for Characteristic                        
BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_DELETE_DEP     Class BAPI: Delete Global / Local Dependency for Characteristic           
BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_LOCAL_DEP      Class BAPI: Assign / Delete Local Dependency for Characteristic           
BAPI_CLASS_CHAR_READ_ALLOC     Class BAPI: Read Dependencies for Characteristic                          
BAPI_CLASS_CREATE              Create Class BAPI                                                         
BAPI_CLASS_DELETE              BAPI: Delete Class                                                        
BAPI_CLASS_DELETE_DEP          Class BAPI: Delete Global / Local Dependency                              
BAPI_CLASS_EXISTENCECHECK      Class BAPI: Check Existence                                               
BAPI_CLASS_GETDETAIL           BAPI: Read Class Information                                              
BAPI_CLASS_GETLIST             BAPI: Read Classes                                                        
BAPI_CLASS_GETSTATUS           Class BAPI: Status Information                                            
BAPI_CLASS_GET_CHARACTERISTICS Import Characteristics and Allowed Values for Class                       
BAPI_CLASS_GET_CLASSIFICATIONS Read Values Assigned to Objects in Class                                  
BAPI_CLASS_MAINT_LOCAL_DEP     Class BAPI: Assign / Delete Local Dependency                              
BAPI_CLASS_READ                BAPI: Read Class Information                                              
BAPI_CLASS_READ_ALLOC          Class BAPI: Read Dependencies                                             
BAPI_CLASS_SELECT_OBJECTS      Find Objects in Class                                                     
CLBPA                          Classification BAPIs                                                      
BAPI_OBJCL_CHANGE              Classification BAPI: Change Assignment                                    
BAPI_OBJCL_CHANGE_KEY          BAPI Classification: Change Attributes of an Assignment (Key)             
BAPI_OBJCL_CONCATENATEKEY      Classification BAPI: Generate Concatenated Key                            
BAPI_OBJCL_CONCATENATEKEY_KEY  BAPI Classification: Create Concatenated Key (Key)                        
BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE              Classification BAPI: Create Assignment                                    
BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE_KEY          BAPI Classification: Create Assignment (Key)                              
BAPI_OBJCL_DELETE              Classification BAPI: Delete Assignment                                    
BAPI_OBJCL_DELETE_KEY          BAPI Classification: Delete Assignment (Key)                              
BAPI_OBJCL_EXISTENCECHECK_KEY  BAPI Classification: Existence Check for a Classification (Key)           
BAPI_OBJCL_EXISTENCE_CHECK     Classification BAPI: Check Existence of Classification                    
BAPI_OBJCL_GETCLASSES          Classification BAPI: Classes for Object                                   
BAPI_OBJCL_GETCLASSES_KEY      BAPI Classification: Object Classes (Key)                                 
BAPI_OBJCL_GETDETAIL           Classification BAPI: Read Classification Information on Object            
BAPI_OBJCL_GETDETAIL_KEY       BAPI Classification: Read Classification Information (Key)                
BAPI_OBJCL_GETOBJECTS          Classification BAPI: Find by Assignment                                   
BAPI_OBJCL_GETOBJECTS_KEY      BAPI Classification: Find Assignment (Key)                                
BAPI_OBJCL_GETSTATUS           Classification BAPI: Classification Status of Object                      
BAPI_OBJCL_GETSTATUS_KEY       BAPI Classification: Classification Status of an Object (Key)             
BAPI_OBJCL_GET_KEY_OF_OBJECT   BAPI Classification: Object Key                                           
BAPI_OBJCL_GET_OBJECT_OF_KEY   BAPI Classification: Key Object                                           
BAPI_OBJCL_SPLITKEY            Classification BAPI: Decomposition of Concatenated Key                    
BAPI_OBJCL_SPLITKEY_KEY        Classification BAPI: Decomposition of Concatenated Key                    
CLBPH                          Class Hierarchy BAPIs                                                     
BAPI_HIERA_CHANGESUBCLASS      Class Hierarchy BAPI: Change Assignment                                   
BAPI_HIERA_CHANGESUBTREE       Class Hierarchy BAPI: Change Hierarchy (Top Down)                         
BAPI_HIERA_CREATESUBCLASS      Class Hierarchy BAPI: Create Assignment                                   
BAPI_HIERA_CREATESUBTREE       Class Hierarchy BAPI: Create Hierarchy (Top Down)                         
BAPI_HIERA_DELETESUBCLASS      Class Hierarchy BAPI: Delete Assignment                                   
BAPI_HIERA_DELETESUBTREE       Class Hierarchy BAPI: Delete Hierarchy (Top Down)                         
BAPI_HIERA_EXISTENCESUBCLASS   Class Hierarchy BAPI: Check Existence                                     
BAPI_HIERA_EXISTENCESUBTREE    Class Hierarchy BAPI: Use Hierarchy to Check Existence                    
BAPI_HIERA_GETDETAILSUBCLASS   Class Hierarchy BAPI: Assignment Information                              
BAPI_HIERA_GETSUBCLASSES       Class Hierarchy BAPI: (Directly) Subordinate Classes                      
BAPI_HIERA_GETSUBTREE          Class Hierarchy BAPI: Read Hierarchy (Top Down)                           
BAPI_HIERA_GETSUPERCLASSES     Class Hierarchy BAPI: (Directly) Superior Classes                         
BAPI_HIERA_GETSUPERTREE        Class Hierarchy BAPI: Read Hierarchy (Bottom Up)                          
COC5B                          BABIs: PI-PCS Interface, Proc. Messages                                   
BAPI_PROCESS_MESSAGE_CHK_EXIST Check process message existence                                           
BAPI_PROCESS_MESSAGE_CREATEMLT Create process messages                                                   
BAPI_PROC_MESS_DEST_RECEIVE_PM BAPI: Receiving and Processing of Process Messages                        
COC7B                          BABIs: PI-PCS Interface, Control Recipes                                  
BAPI_CONTROL_RECIPE_GET_LIST   Read control recipe list                                                  
BAPI_CONTROL_RECIPE_REQUEST    Request and transfer control recipes                                      
COC8B                          BABIs: Service Functions                                                  
BAPI_PROC_CHAR_GET_HELPVALUES  Read allowed values for a process characteristic                          
BAPI_PROC_CHAR_GET_LIST        Read process characteristics, incl. detail data                           
CTBP                           BAPIs for Characteristics                                                 
BAPI_CHARACT_CHANGE            BAPI for Characteristics - Change                                         
BAPI_CHARACT_CREATE            BAPI for Characteristics - Create                                         
BAPI_CHARACT_DELETE            BAPI for Characteristics - Delete                                         
BAPI_CHARACT_EXISTENCECHECK    BAPI for Characteristics - Check Existence                                
BAPI_CHARACT_GETDETAIL         BAPI for Characteristics - Read Attributes                                
CUW1                           BAPI Configuration                                                        
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_ATTR_READ  Displays the attributes of all or the specified chars of the instance     
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_READ       Displays characteristics (according to search criteria) of the instance   
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_DEL   Deletes one or more values of one or more characteristics of an instance  
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_READ  Displays current values or allowed values of chars of an instance         
BAPI_CFGINST_CHARCS_VALS_SET   Sets one or more values for one or more characteristics of an instance    
BAPI_CFGINST_INCOMPLETE_CHECK  Checks whether data is missing for instance and returns missing data      
BAPI_CFGINST_INCONSIST_CHECK   Checks whether instance has inconsistencies and returns inconsistencies   
BAPI_CFG_CREATE                Starts a new configuration (root item, initializes configurator)          
BAPI_CFG_READ                  Returns external representation of configuration currently loaded         
CVBAPI                         BAPIs for document info records                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE           Change document                                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE2          Change document                                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN          Check in document                                                         
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN2         Check in document                                                         
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN_REPLACE  Check in document (overwrite originals)                                   
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN_REPLACE2 Check in document (overwrite originals)                                   
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTCANCEL   Terminate checkout                                                        
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTCANCEL2  Terminate checkout                                                        
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTMODIFY   Check out document for processing                                         
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTMODIFY2  Check out document for processing                                         
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTSET      Set document to checked out                                               
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTSET2     Set document to checked out                                               
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW     Check out document for display                                            
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW2    Check out document for display                                            
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEWX    Check out document for display                                            
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE           Create document                                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2          Create document                                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATEFROMSOURCE Create Document with Template Source                                      
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATEFROMSRC2   Create Document with Template Source                                      
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATENEWVERSION Create new document version                                               
BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATENEWVRS2    Create new document version                                               
BAPI_DOCUMENT_DELETE           Delete document or set deletion indicator                                 
BAPI_DOCUMENT_DEQUEUE          Unlock document                                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_ENQUEUE          Lock document                                                             
BAPI_DOCUMENT_EXISTENCECHECK   Document Exists                                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETACTVERSION    Determine Valid Version of a Document                                     
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETAPPLICATION   Determine Data for an Application                                         
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCDETAIL      Determine Detail Data of Data Carrier                                     
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCLIST        Determine List of Data Carriers                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDCLIST2       Determine List of Data Carriers                                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL        Determine Detail Data for a Document                                      
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDETAIL2       Determine Detail Data for a Document                                      
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETDOCTYPEDETAIL Determine Data for a Document Type                                        
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETFRONTENDTYPE  Determine Frontend Type for Computer                                      
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLATEST        Deterimines Last Versions of Document Interface                           
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST          Find Document                                                             
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST_OLD      Find documents                                                            
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETOBJECTDOCS    Determine Documents for an Object                                         
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETOBJECTLINKS   Read Object Links                                                         
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTATUS        Read Document Status                                                      
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTATUSLIST    Determine Status List for a Document Type                                 
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETSTRUCTURE     Determine document structure                                              
BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETTEXTS         Read Long Texts for Documents                                             
BAPI_DOCUMENT_INIT             Set general data for BAPIs                                                
BAPI_DOCUMENT_LOAD             Load document data (data transfer Workbench)                              
BAPI_DOCUMENT_SAVEOBJECTLINKS  Save object link                                                          
BAPI_DOCUMENT_SETFRONTENDTYPE  Set frontend type for computer                                            
BAPI_DOCUMENT_SETSTATUS        Set Document Status                                                       
BAPI_MOVE_DOC_DRAD_TO_DRAD     Compare object links (BAPI_DOC_DRAD -> DRAD)
BAPI_MOVE_DOC_DRAT_TO_DRAT     Compare object links (BAPI_DOC_DRAD -> DRAD)
BAPI_MOVE_DOC_TEXT_TO_TEXT     Long texts                                                                
BAPI_MOVE_DOC_TEXT_TO_TEXT2    Long texts                                                                
DX_BAPILOAD                    Data Transfer Using BAPIs                                                 
BAPI_IDOC_INPUT_FROM_FILE      Inbound Function Module IDoc -> BAPI -> Application Via MDTB
ECOP                           Entity Copier                                                             
BAPI_ECOP_ORG_UNITS            RFC call from ECOP                                                        
FTR_BUS2042                    Financial Transaction: BUS2042                                            
BAPI_FTR_CHANGE                Change Transaction                                                        
BAPI_FTR_COUNTERCONFIRM        Counterconfirm Transaction                                                
BAPI_FTR_CREATEFROMDATA        Create Transaction                                                        
BAPI_FTR_GETDETAIL             Read Transaction Detailed Data                                            
BAPI_FTR_GETLIST               Read Transaction List                                                     
BAPI_FTR_REVERSE               Reverse Transaction                                                       
BAPI_FTR_ROLLOVER              Roll Over Transaction                                                     
BAPI_FTR_SETTLE                Settle Transaction                                                        
BAPI_FTR_TERMINATE             Terminate Transaction                                                     
GLEX                           Function modules for active EXCEL                                         
BAPI_DUMMY                     DUMMY                                                                     
BAPI_F4_FORMOL                 Selection of Line Layout Rules                                            
BAPI_F4_RACCT                  Selection of Item                                                         
BAPI_F4_RCOMP                  Selection of Company                                                      
BAPI_F4_RMVCT                  Selection of Transaction Type Group Texts                                 
BAPI_F4_RSUBD                  Selection of Subgroup                                                     
BAPI_F4_RVERS                  Selection of Version                                                      
BAPI_GET_TABLE_HEADER          Get Column Headings for EXCEL_TAB* (Internal)                             
BAPI_READ_INDX_GESPOS          Read Gespos from INDX (internal)                                          
BAPI_READ_INDX_GESVBUND        Read Imptab from INDX (internal)                                          
BAPI_READ_INDX_IMPTAB          Read Imptab from MCDX (internal)                                          
BAPI_READ_INDX_POSDATEN        Read Posdaten from INDX (internal)                                        
BAPI_REP_GLI70                 List of Companies                                                         
BAPI_SET_RACCT                 Item Set acc. to Line Layout                                              
BAPI_SET_RCOMP                 Company Set acc. to Subgroup                                              
BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT1           Company Set acc. to Sort Criterion 1                                      
BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT2           Company Set acc. to Sort Criterion 2                                      
BAPI_SET_RCOMP_SORT3           Company Set acc. to Sort Criterion 3                                      
BAPI_SET_RMVCT                 Transaction Type Groups-Set dissolved to TTy-Groups                       
BAPI_TAB_T880                  General Company Data acc. to T880                                         
BAPI_VALUE_GESPOS              L1P(L1) L2P(L2) G1P(L3) G2P(L4)                     Company-FS Item Values
BAPI_VALUE_GESVBUND            L1B(L1) L2B(L2) G1B(L3) G2B(L4)                   Company-Items-TTy-Values
BAPI_VALUE_IMPTAB              A2P(L2) A3P(L3)                                 Company Shares to FS Items
BAPI_VALUE_IMPTAB_RMVCT        A2B(L2) A3B(L3)                                      Company Shares to TTy
BAPI_VALUE_IMPTAB_RSUBD        K1B(L1) K2B(L2) K3B(L3)                          Group-FS Items-TTy-Values
BAPI_VALUE_PIVOT               Group-Years-Company-FS Items-Values                                       
BAPI_VALUE_POSDATEN            K1P(Ll) K2P(L2) K3P(L3)                              Group FS Items Values
HRBEN00BENADJREAS              Function group for object BENADJREAS                                      
BAPI_BEN_BENADJREAS_CALC_ENDDA Determination of the (new) end date of an existing adjustment reason      
BAPI_BEN_BENADJREAS_DELIMIT    Delimitation of adjustment reason                                         
BAPI_BEN_BENADJREAS_GET_LIST   Define adjustment reasons that are currently valid for an employee        
HRBEN00BUS3029                 Function Group for Business Object 3029                                   
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_CHECK_SELECT  Consistency Check                                                         
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_CREATE_PLANS  Enroll employee                                                           
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_DELETE_PLANS  Cancel EE enrollment                                                      
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_COREQ     Determine corequisite plans                                               
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_EVT_LIST  Determine adjustment reasons that are currently valid for an employee     
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_OFFER     Define benefits offer                                                     
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_OPEN_PERI Check if open enrollment period exists and period is indicated            
BAPI_BEN_BUS3029_GET_PARTICIP  Benefit participation of an employee                                      
HRBEN00BUS302901               Function Group for Object BUS302901                                       
BAPI_BEN_BUS302901_GET_DEP     Health plan dependents                                                    
BAPI_BEN_BUS302901_GET_POS_DEP Possible health plan dependents                                           
HRBEN00BUS302902               Function group for object BUS302902                                       
BAPI_BEN_BUS302902_GET_BEN     Beneficiary for insurance                                                 
BAPI_BEN_BUS302902_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for insurance                                      
HRBEN00BUS302903               Function group for object BUS302903                                       
BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_BEN     Beneficiaries for savings plan                                            
BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_INV     Investments for savings plan                                              
BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for savings plans                                  
BAPI_BEN_BUS302903_GET_POS_INV Possible investments for savings plan                                     
HRBEN00BUS302906               Function group for object BUS302906                                       
BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_BEN     Beneficiaries for miscellaneous plans                                     
BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_DEP     Health plan dependents                                                    
BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_INV     Investments for miscellaneous plans                                       
BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for misc. plans                                    
BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_POS_DEP Possible dependents for miscellaneous plans                               
BAPI_BEN_BUS302906_GET_POS_INV Possible investments for miscellaneous plans                              
HRBEN00BUS302907               Function group for object BUS302907                                       
BAPI_BEN_BUS302907_GET_BEN     Beneficiaries for stock purchase plans                                    
BAPI_BEN_BUS302907_GET_POS_BEN Possible beneficiaries for stock purchase plans                           
HRBEN00GENBENINFO              Function group for object GENBENINFO                                      
BAPI_BEN_GENBENINFO_GET_OPENP  Check if open enrollment period exists and period is indicated            
HRIL                           Incentive Wages: Integration w/Logistics                                  
BAPI_CONFIRMATION_INPUT        BAPI: Transfer confirmations to Time Management/Incentive Wages           
HROUT00BP                      HR: Payroll Outsourcing BAPI's                                            
BAPI_OUTEMPLOYEE_GETLIST       List of employees in a payroll area                                       
HRPT                           Transfer to accounting: 'Translate'                                       
BAPI_PAYACCDOC_DISPLAY_AWKEY   Display posting document (from AC)                                        
HRRW                           HR-CA: Posting and CHECK BAPIs                                            
BAPI_TRVACCDOC_DISPLAY_AWKEY   Display Trip Source Document (From RW)                                    
HRTIM00ABSATTEXT               External interface for 2001/2002                                          
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECK      BAPI: Checks External Attendance/Absence (w/o Account Assignment)         
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKCOLLI Collision check                                                           
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKQUOTA Simulates Quota Deduction                                                 
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKWACT  BAPI: Checks Attendance/Absence (with Activity Allocation)                
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_CHECKWCOST BAPI: Checks Attendance/Absence (with Cost Assignment)                    
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSERT     BAPI: Inserts External Abs./Atts. in Interface Table (w/o Acct Assignment)
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSERTWACT BAPI: Inserts External Abs./Atts. in Interface Table (Activity Allocation)
BAPI_PTMGREXTATTABS_INSWCOST   BAPI Ext. Att./Absence: Insert in IFT (Acct Assgnmnt)                     
HRTIM00ALP                     Different Payment                                                         
BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECK       BAPI: Checks Different Payment                                            
BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKBONUS  BAPI: Checks Bonus                                                        
BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKCURR   BAPI: Checks Currency                                                     
BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKGRLEV  BAPI: Checks Payscale Group/Level                                         
BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_CHECKPOS    BAPI: Checks Item                                                         
BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_GETCURR     BAPI: Determines Currency                                                 
BAPI_EETIMEVALSPEC_GETVALGRLEV BAPI: Checks Payscale Group/Level                                         
HRTIM00BAPIABSATT              BAPIs attendances/absences                                                
BAPI_EMPATTABS_GETDETAIL       BAPI: Orginal and Derived Data from Attendances/Absences                  
BAPI_EMPATTABS_GETLIST         BAPI: List of Attendances/Absences for Online Interface                   
BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGCHANGE     Change Attendances/Absences                                               
BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGCREATION   BAPI: Creates Attendances/Absences                                        
BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGDELETE     Delete Attendances/Absences                                               
BAPI_PTMGRATTABS_MNGFROMWF     Create/Change/Delete Attendances/Absences from Workflow                   
HRTIM00BAPIPTWS                HR-TIM: Work Schedule, Time Data                                          
BAPI_TIMEAVAILSCHEDULE_BUILD   Generate List of Employee Availability                                    
HRTIM00BUS7013                 BUS7013 PTimOverview                                                      
BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_DELREPLICA  Delete employees' distributed time overviews                              
BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_GET         BAPI 7013                                                                 
BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_REPLICATE   Trigger Distribution of Employee Time Overviews                           
BAPI_PTIMEOVERVIEW_SAVEREPLICA Insert/Delete employee time overviews                                     
HRTIM00REMINFO                 Employee Remuneration Info                                                
BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECK     Check External Employee Remuneration Info (w/o Account Assignment)        
BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECKWACT Check External Employee Remuneration Info (with Activity Allocation)      
BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_CHECKWCOS Check External Employee Remuneration Info (with Cost Assignment)          
BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSERT    Inserts External EE Remuneraion Info in Table (w/o Account Assignment)    
BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSWACT   Insert External EE Remuneration Info in Table (with Activity Allocation)  
BAPI_PTMGREXTREMSPEC_INSWCOST  Inserts External EE Remuneration Info in Table (with Cost Assignment)     
HRTL                           HR TRV: FM Interfaces PAY                                                 
BAPI_PAYROLLTRAVELEXPNSESPOST  BAPI Transfer of trip costs results to payroll                            
HRTR                           HR TRIP:Interface to Trip Costs                                           
BAPI_TRIP_APPROVE              Approve trip                                                              
BAPI_TRIP_CANCEL               Cancel trip                                                               
BAPI_TRIP_CHANGE_STATUS        Change status of trip                                                     
BAPI_TRIP_CHECK_STATUS         Establish status of trip                                                  
BAPI_TRIP_COLLECT_MILEAGE      Determination of employee trip segments                                   
BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA     Create EmployeeTrip with CallTransaction on PR01                          
BAPI_TRIP_DELETE               Delete Trip                                                               
BAPI_TRIP_EXISTENCECHECK       ExistenceCheck object: EmployeeTrip (BAPI interface)                      
BAPI_TRIP_GET_DETAILS          Print detail tables for trip (receipt entry)                              
BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM             Trip form as internal table / Display form                                
BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML        Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table                                
BAPI_TRIP_GET_FORM_HTML_2      Ouput of Travel Expense Form as HTML Table                                
BAPI_TRIP_GET_OPTIONS          Import personal data and travel expense tables                            
BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_CREATE        Create simple weekly report (PR04)                                        
BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_GET_DATA      Weekly report detail (Output of tables)                                   
BAPI_TRIP_REPORT_INIT          Tables Needed for REPORT_CREATE (Local Workspace)                         
BAPI_TRIP_SET_ON_HOLD          Set trip status to "on hold"                                              
HRW0                           Internet Services (Who's Who)                                             
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETLIST          Find Employees and Their Information on Basis of Search Criteria          
HU_BASIC_BAPIS                 Basic BAPIs for HUs                                                       
BAPI_HU_HUS_READ               Read Handling Units from the Database                                     
IF0002                         Interface for Company Code BUS0002                                        
BAPI_IF_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL  Company code details                                                      
IF1037SR                       Partner sales activity - Receiver                                         
BAPI_IFBUS1037SR_SAVEREPLICAM  BAPI Business Partner Sales Activity Receiver                             
IFCIBD02                       PDC Interface Communication Channel 2                                     
BAPI_RCVPRODCF_REQUEST_CONF    Send upload request to PDC system                                         
BAPI_RCVPRORDCF_RECEIVEPRODORD Send production orders to PDC system                                      
BAPI_RCVPRORDCF_RECEIVEWORKC   Send work centers to PDC system                                           
IQS6                           SM notifications BAPIs                                                    
BAPI_SERVNOT_ADD_DATA          Added Items, Causes, Activities, Tasks, Partners of the service notif.    
BAPI_SERVNOT_CHANGEUSRSTAT     Change the user status of a service notification                          
BAPI_SERVNOT_CLOSE             Complete service notification                                             
BAPI_SERVNOT_CREATE            Create service notification                                               
BAPI_SERVNOT_DEL_DATA          Delete Items, Causes, Activities, Tasks, Partners of the service notif.   
BAPI_SERVNOT_GET_DETAIL        Get details about a service notification                                  
BAPI_SERVNOT_MODIFY_DATA       Modify a service notification or associated subdata                       
BAPI_SERVNOT_POSTPONE          Postpone service notification                                             
BAPI_SERVNOT_PUTINPROGRESS     Put in process a service notification                                     
BAPI_SERVNOT_SAVE              Save service notification                                                 
IQS7                           SM Tasks BAPIs                                                            
BAPI_SERVNOT_COMPLETE_TASK     Complete Notification Task                                                
BAPI_SERVNOT_RELEASE_TASK      Release Notification Task                                                 
BAPI_SERVNOT_SUCCESSFUL_TASK   Release Notification Task                                                 
ISBA                           Solution Database BAPIs                                                   
BAPI_SOLUTION_GETDETAIL        Get details about solution                                                
IWWW                           BAPIs for Eqpt. + Service Notifications                                   
BAPI_EQMT_CREATE               Create equipment                                                          
BAPI_EQMT_DETAIL               Read details for equipment                                                
BAPI_EQMT_DISMANTLEFL          Dismantle equipment at functional location                                
BAPI_EQMT_DISMANTLEHR          Dismantle equipment from equipment hierarchy                              
BAPI_EQMT_GETCATALOGPROFIL     Determine catalog profile for equipment                                   
BAPI_EQMT_GETLISTFORCUSTOMER   Select customer equipment                                                 
BAPI_EQMT_INSTALLFL            Install equipment at functional location                                  
BAPI_EQMT_INSTALLHR            Install equipment in equipment hierarchy                                  
BAPI_EQMT_MODIFY               Change equipment                                                          
BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_CREATE   Create service notification                                               
BAPI_SERVICENOTIFICAT_GETLIST  Select service notifications according to customer or contact person      
J1BU                           General Utilities                                                         
BAPI_BRANCH_GETDETAIL          Read Branch Data - for HR Use Only                                        
BAPI_BRANCH_GETLIST            Read Branch List - for HR Use Only                                        
K40C                           CO Actual Postings, Manual                                                
BAPI_ACC_ACTIVITY_ALLOC_CHECK  Accounting: Check Activity Allocation                                     
BAPI_ACC_ACTIVITY_ALLOC_POST   Accounting: Post Activity Allocation                                      
BAPI_ACC_ACT_POSTINGS_REVERSE  Accounting: Reverse CO Documents - Manual Actual Postings                 
BAPI_ACC_MANUAL_ALLOC_CHECK    Accounting: Check Manual Cost Allocation                                  
BAPI_ACC_MANUAL_ALLOC_POST     Accounting: Post Manual Cost Allocation                                   
BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_CHECK   Accounting: Check Primary Costs                                           
BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_POST    Accounting: Post Primary Costs                                            
BAPI_ACC_REVENUES_CHECK        Accounting: Check Revenues                                                
BAPI_ACC_REVENUES_POST         Accounting: Post Revenues                                                 
BAPI_ACC_SENDER_ACTIVITY_CHECK Accounting: Check Sender Activities                                       
BAPI_ACC_SENDER_ACTIVITY_POST  Accounting: Post Sender Activities                                        
BAPI_ACC_STAT_KEY_FIG_CHECK    Accounting: Check Statistical Key Figures                                 
BAPI_ACC_STAT_KEY_FIG_POST     Accounting: Post Statistical Key Figures                                  
BAPI_CO_DOC_GET_ACT_POSTINGS   Read CO Documents: Manual Actual Postings                                 
KACG                           Coding Block: FI/LO Part of KACB                                          
BAPI_ACCSERV_CHECKACCASSIGNMT  BAPI: Object BUS6001 AccountingServices, Method CheckAccountAssignment    
KEBAPI0017                     BAPI CO-PA Operating Concern                                              
BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETCHARACTS     BAPI CO-PA: Get Characteristics for Operating Concern                     
BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETDETAIL       BAPI Operating Concern GetDetail                                          
BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETLIST         BAPI Operating Concern: Get All (F4)                                      
BAPI_OPCONCERN_GETVALUEFIELDS  BAPI Operating Concern Value Fields                                       
KEBAPI1161                     BAPI CO-PA Characteristic                                                 
BAPI_COPACHARACT_GETDETAIL     BAPI CO-PA Characteristic GetDetail                                       
BAPI_COPACHARACT_GETHIERARCH   BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Get Hierarchies                                
BAPI_COPACHARACT_GETVALUES     BAPI CO-PA Characteristic: Get Master Data                                
KEBAPI1162                     BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic                                    
BAPI_COPACHARUDEF_ADDVALUES    BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic : Add Master Data                  
BAPI_COPACHARUDEF_REMOVEALLVAL BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic: Delete All Master Data            
BAPI_COPACHARUDEF_REMOVEVALUES BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic: Delete Master Data                
KEBAPI1164                     BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy                                                      
BAPI_COPAHIERARCHY_GETDETAIL   Hierarchy GetDetail                                                       
BAPI_COPAHIERARCHY_GETTREE     Hierarchy GetValueTree                                                    
KEBAPI1165                     BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy: User-Defined                                        
BAPI1164_COPAHIERUDEF_SETTREE  CO-PA Hierarhy User-Defined Set Tree                                      
KE_BAPI_COPAPLANNING           BAPIs for CO-PA Planning Data                                             
BAPI_COPAPLANNING_GETDATA      Read CO-PA Planning Data                                                  
BAPI_COPAPLANNING_POSTDATA     Write CO-PA Planning data                                                 
KE_BAPI_COPAQUERY              Modules for BOR Object COPAQuery                                          
BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETACC_ACTDATA  BAPI COPAQuery.GetAccountBasedActualData                                  
BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETACC_PLANDATA BAPI COPAQuery.GetAccountBasedPlannningData                               
BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETCOST_ACTDATA BAPI COPAQuery.GetCostingBasedActualData                                  
BAPI_COPAQUERY_GETCOST_PLANDAT BAPI COPAQuery.GetCostingBasedPlanningData                                
BAPI_OPCONCERN_GET_META_DATA   Do Not Use!                                                               
KGR2                           External Access to CO Hierarchies                                         
BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPEGRP_CREATE    Object BUS1115 (Activity type group) - Method Create                      
BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPEGRP_GETDETAIL Object BUS1115 (Activity type group) - Method GetDetail                   
BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPEGRP_GETLIST   Object BUS1115 (Activity type group) - Method GetList                     
BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_ADDNODE   Object BUS1112 (Business process group) - Method AddNode                  
BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_CREATE    Object BUS1114 (Business process group) - Method Create                   
BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_GETDETAIL Object BUS1114 (Business process group) - Method GetDetail                
BAPI_BUSPROCESSCOGRP_GETLIST   Object BUS1114 (Business process group) - Method GetList                  
BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_ADDNODE   Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method AddNode                       
BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_CREATE    Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method Create                        
BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_GETDETAIL Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method GetDetail                     
BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_GETLIST   Object BUS1112 (Cost center group) - Method GetList                       
BAPI_COSTELEMENTGRP_CREATE     Object BUS1113 (Cost element group) - Method Create                       
BAPI_COSTELEMENTGRP_GETDETAIL  Object BUS1113 (Cost element group) - Method GetDetail                    
BAPI_COSTELEMENTGRP_GETLIST    Object BUS1113 (Cost element group) - Method GetList                      
KPLB                           BAPIs: Plan data interface                                                
BAPI_ACT_INPUT_CHECK_AND_POST  Activity Type Planning/Price Planning: Formal Parameter Check             
BAPI_ACT_PRICE_CHECK_AND_POST  Activity Type Planning/Price Planning: Formal Parameter Check             
BAPI_KEY_FIGURE_CHECK_AND_POST Statistical Key Figures Planning: Formal Parameter Check                  
BAPI_PRIM_COST_CHECK_AND_POST  Primary Costs: Formal Parameter Check                                     
KRHR                           HR Interface to Bus. Place/Section Code                                   
BAPI_BPLACE_GETDETAIL          Read Business Place Data - for HR Use Only                                
BAPI_BPLACE_GETLIST            Read Business Place List - for HR Use Only                                
BAPI_SECCODE_GETDETAIL         Read Section Code Data - for HR Use Only                                  
BAPI_SECCODE_GETLIST           Read Section Code Place List - for HR Use Only                            
LC01                           Customer/Vendor Master: BAPIs                                             
BAPI_BUSPARTNEREMPLOYE_GETLIST Read contact persons and addresses (access via specified range)           
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHECKPASSWORD1   Check customer password                                                   
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATE           Create Customer Master Online                                             
BAPI_CUSTOMER_DELETE           Delete Customer Master Online                                             
BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAY          Display Customer Master Online                                            
BAPI_CUSTOMER_EDIT             Change Customer Master Online                                             
BAPI_CUSTOMER_EXISTENCECHECK   Check Customer Existence                                                  
BAPI_CUSTOMER_FIND             Customer Matchcode                                                        
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETCONTACTLIST   Read contact persons from customers                                       
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2       Customer Detail Information                                               
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETINTNUMBER     Provides internal customer numbers                                        
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETLIST          Reads customers and addresses                                             
BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_CREATE    Create Contact Person Online                                              
BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_DISPLAY   Display Contact Person Online                                             
BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_EDIT      Display Contact Person Online                                             
BAPI_PARTNEREMPLOYEE_GETINTNUM Supplies new internal contact person numbers                              
BAPI_VENDOR_CHANGEPASSWORD     Change Vendor Password                                                    
BAPI_VENDOR_CHECKPASSWORD      Check Vendor Password                                                     
BAPI_VENDOR_CREATE             Create Vendor Master Online                                               
BAPI_VENDOR_CREATEPASSWORD     Create entry for vendor password                                          
BAPI_VENDOR_DELETE             Set Deletion Indicator Online for Vendor                                  
BAPI_VENDOR_DELETEPASSWORD     Delete entry for vendor password                                          
BAPI_VENDOR_DISPLAY            Display Vendor Online                                                     
BAPI_VENDOR_EDIT               Change Vendor Master Online                                               
BAPI_VENDOR_EXISTENCECHECK     Check existence                                                           
BAPI_VENDOR_FIND               Vendor Matchcode                                                          
BAPI_VENDOR_GETDETAIL          Vendor Detail Information                                                 
BAPI_VENDOR_GETINTNUMBER       Supplies new internal vendor numbers                                      
BAPI_VENDOR_GETPASSWORD        Read the Entry for the Vendor Password                                    
BAPI_VENDOR_INITPASSWORD       Initialize Vendor Password                                                
MB_BUS2017                     Function group for BAPIs goods movement                                   
BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL           Reverse goods movements with MB_CANCEL_GOODS_MOVEMENT                     
BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE           Post Goods Movements With MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT                        
BAPI_GOODSMVT_GETDETAIL        Display details for material document                                     
BAPI_GOODSMVT_GETITEMS         Display detailed list of material documents                               
MB_BUS2028                     Function group for BAPIs for phys. inv.                                   
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_CHANGECOUNT    Change count for particular items of a phys. inv. doc.                    
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_COUNT          Enter count for particular items of a phys. inv. doc.                     
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_CREATE         Create Physical Inventory Document                                        
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_CREATE_MULT    Create Physical Inventory Document                                        
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_GETDETAIL      Read items for a physical inventory document                              
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_GETITEMS       Read list of physical inventory documents with items                      
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_GETLIST        Read list of phys. inv. documents                                         
BAPI_MATPHYSINV_POSTDIFF       Post differences for certain items in a phys. inv. document               
MCOB                           BAPIs for OIW                                                             
BAPI_OIW_GET_CATALOG           BAPI: Read Catalog with OIW Metadata                                      
BAPI_OIW_GET_DATA              BAPI: Read OIW Data                                                       
MCPD                           DRP interface                                                             
BAPI_QUOTA_ARRANGEMENT_GETLIST Get quota arrangement list                                                
MEWB                           BAPIs Reservation                                                         
BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE        Create Reservation                                                        
BAPI_RESERVATION_GETDETAIL     Display Details of Reservation                                            
BAPI_RESERVATION_GETITEMS      List Reservations                                                         
MEWF                           BAPIs for Release of Requisition/PO                                       
BAPI_PO_RELEASE                Release Purchase Orders                                                   
BAPI_PO_RESET_RELEASE          Cancel Release of Purchase Orders                                         
BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE       Release Purchase Requisition Item by Item                                 
BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE_GEN   Release Entire Purchase Requisition                                       
BAPI_REQUISITION_RESET_RELEASE Cancel Release of Purchase Requisition Items                              
BAPI_REQUISITION_RESET_REL_GEN Cancel Overall Release of Purchase Requisitions                           
MEWI                           BAPIs for Info Record                                                     
BAPI_INFORECORD_GETLIST        Display Purchasing Info Records                                           
MEWP                           BAPIs Purchase order                                                      
BAPI_PO_CREATE                 Create Purchase Order                                                     
BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL              Display Purchase Order Details                                            
BAPI_PO_GETITEMS               List Purchase Order Items                                                 
BAPI_PO_GETITEMSREL            List Purchase Orders for Release (Approval): New as of 4.0A               
BAPI_PO_GETRELINFO             Display Detailed Release (Approval) Information on Purchase Order         
BAPI_PO_GET_LIST               List Purchase Orders - Only up to 4.0A                                    
BAPI_PROCOPERATION_GETCATALOGS Determine Valid Catalogs as Value Help                                    
BAPI_PROCOPERATION_GETINFO     Analysis of Objects to be Generated in Purchasing                         
MEWQ                           BAPIs Requirement Coverage Request                                        
BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE        Change Purchase Requisition                                               
BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE        Create Purchase Requisition                                               
BAPI_REQUISITION_DELETE        Delete/Close Purchase Requisition                                         
BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL     Display Purchase Requisition Details                                      
BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMS      Read Purchase Requisition Item                                            
BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMSREL   List Purchase Requisitions Awaiting Release                               
BAPI_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO    Display Detailed Release (Approval) Information on Purchase Requisition   
BAPI_SOURCEDETERMIN_GETSOS     Determine Sources for Material/Material Group                             
MEWR                           BAPIs Requirement Coverage Request                                        
BAPI_REQUIREMENT_CREATE        Create Requirement Coverage Request                                       
BAPI_REQUIREMENT_GET_LIST      List Requirement Coverage Requests/Requisitions                           
MLBO                           BAPIs for Entry Sheet (BO 2091)                                           
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CHECK          Check Service Entry Sheet                                                 
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE         Create Entry Sheet                                                        
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_DELETE         Delete Entry Sheet                                                        
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_GETDETAIL      Display Detailed Data on Entry Sheet                                      
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_GETLIST        List Entry Sheets                                                         
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_GETRELINFO     Detailed Release Information Relating to Entry Sheet                      
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_RELEASE        Release Entry Sheet                                                       
BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_RESET_RELEASE  Cancel Release of Entry Sheets                                            
MPKV                           BAPIS for Kanban Control Cycle (BUS1172)                                  
BAPI_KANBANCC_ADDEVENTDRKANBAN Create Event-Driven KANBAN for Control Cycle                              
BAPI_KANBANCC_GETLIST          Determine Kanban Control Cycles with Selection Criteria                   
BAPI_KANBANCC_WITHDRAWQUANTITY Quantity Signal for Kanban Control Cycle                                  
MPKW                           Methods (BAPIs) for Kanban (BUS1075)                                      
BAPI_KANBAN_CHANGESTATUS       Change Status of a Kanban                                                 
BAPI_KANBAN_GETLIST            Determining Kanbans for Selection Criteria                                
BAPI_KANBAN_GETLISTFORSUPPLIE1 Provide KANBAN data for vendors 2nd version (new address fields)          
BAPI_KANBAN_GETLISTFORSUPPLIER Provide Kanban data for vendors                                           
BAPI_KANBAN_SETINPROCESS       Set Kanban Status to IN PROCESS                                           
MRM_BAPI                       Invoice Verification BAPIs                                                
BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CANCEL    Invoice Verification: Reverse Invoice                                     
BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE    Invoice Verification: Create Invoice                                      
BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_GETDETAIL Invoice Verification: Display Invoice                                     
BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_GETLIST   Invoice Verification: List Invoices                                       
BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_RELEASE   Invoice Verification: Release Invoice                                     
PADR                           Business object: AddressEmp                                               
BAPIADDRESSEMPSIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                       
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCREATESUCCESSOR Create subs.employee address record                                       
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPGETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_APPROVE        Unlock employee address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_CHANGE         Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_CREATE         Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_DELETE         Delete employee address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_DELIMIT        Delimit Employee Address Validity Period                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_GETDETAIL      Read employee address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_GETLIST        Read Instances                                                            
BAPI_ADDRESSEMP_REQUEST        Create locked employee address record                                     
PADR_CH                        Business Object: AddressEmp                                               
BAPIADDREMPCH_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPCH_CREATESUCCESSOR Create Subsequent Employee Address Record                                 
BAPI_ADDREMPCH_GETDETAILEDLIST Read Instances with Data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_GETDETAIL    Read Employee Address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPCH_REQUEST      Create Locked Employee Address Record                                     
PADR_DE                        Business Object AddressEmp (DE)                                           
BAPIADDREMPDE_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPDE_CREATESUCCESSOR Create Next Employee Address Record                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPDE_GETDETAILEDLIST Read Instances with Data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_GETDETAIL    Read Employee Address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDE_REQUEST      Create Locked Employee Address Record                                     
PADR_DK                        Business Object AddressEmp - DK                                           
BAPIADDREMPDK_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Employee Address                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPDK_CREATESUCCESSOR Create Subs.Employee Address Record                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPDK_GETDETAILEDLIST Read Instances with Data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_GETDETAIL    Read Employee Address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPDK_REQUEST      Create Locked Employee Address Record                                     
PADR_ES                        Business Object AddrEmpE                                                  
BAPIADDREMPES_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create employee address                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPES_CREATESUCCESSOR Create employee address next record                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPES_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPES_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                     
PADR_IE                        Business Object AddressEmp - Ireland                                      
BAPIADDREMPIE_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Mitarbeiteradresse anlegen                                    
BAPI_ADDREMPIE_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subs.employee address record                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPIE_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIE_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                     
PADR_IT                        HR Employee Self-Service: Address Italy                                   
BAPIADDREMPIT_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create employee's address                                     
BAPI_ADDREMPIT_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent record personnel number                                 
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_CHANGE       Change employee's address                                                 
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_CREATE       Create employee's address                                                 
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_GETDETAIL    Read employee's address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPIT_REQUEST      Create blocked employee's address                                         
PADR_JP                        Business object: AddressEmpJP                                             
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_CHANGE       Address Japan: Change record                                              
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_CREATE       address Japan: Create record                                              
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_CRESUCCESSOR Address Japan: Create succeeding record                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_DETAILEDLIST Address Japan: Read instances with record                                 
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_GETDETAIL    Address Japan: Read record                                                
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_REQUEST      Address Japan: Create locked record                                       
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPJP_SIMUCREATION Address Japan: Simulate Create record                                     
PADR_NL                        Business Object AddressEmp (NL)                                           
BAPIADDREMPNL_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create employee address                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPNL_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent employee address record                                 
BAPI_ADDREMPNL_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPNL_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                     
PADR_US                        Business Object AddressEmp (NL)                                           
BAPI_ADDREMPUS_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subs.employee address record                                       
BAPI_ADDREMPUS_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_CHANGE       Change Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_CREATE       Create Employee Address                                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_GETDETAIL    Read employee address                                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSEMPUS_REQUEST      Create locked employee address record                                     
PAW4_US                        Business Object W4W5InfoUS                                                
BAPIW4W5INFOUSSIMULATECREATION Employee W4/W5 Information: Simulate Record Creation                      
BAPI_W4W5INFOUSGETDETAILEDLIST Employee W4/W5 Information: Read Instances with Data                      
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_APPROVE        Employee W4/W5 Information: Unlock Record                                 
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_CHANGE         Employee W4/W5 Information: Change Record                                 
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_CREATE         Employee W4/W5 Information: Create Record                                 
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_DELETE         Employee W4/W5 Information: Delete Record                                 
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_DELIMIT        Employee W4/W5 Information: Delimit Record                                
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_GETDETAIL      Employee W4/W5 Information: Read Record                                   
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_GETLIST        Employee W4/W5 Information: Read Instances                                
BAPI_W4W5INFOUS_REQUEST        Employee W4/W5 Information: Create Locked Record                          
PBNK                           Business Object BankDetail                                                
BAPIBANKDETAILSIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create Bank Details                                           
BAPI_BANKDETAILCREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent bank details record                                     
BAPI_BANKDETAILGETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_APPROVE        Unlock bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_CHANGE         Change bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_CREATE         Create bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_DELETE         Delete bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_DELIMIT        Delimit bank details                                                      
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_GETDETAIL      Read bank details                                                         
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_GETLIST        Read instances                                                            
BAPI_BANKDETAIL_REQUEST        Create locked bank details record                                         
PBNK_GB                        Business Object BankDetail - GB                                           
BAPIBANKDETAILGBSIMULATECREATN Simulation: Create Bank Details                                           
BAPI_BANKDETAILGBCREATESUCCESS Create subsequent bank details record                                     
BAPI_BANKDETAILGBGETDETAILLIST Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_APPROVE      Unlock bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_CHANGE       Change bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_CREATE       Create bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_DELETE       Delete bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_DELIMIT      Bankverbindung zeitlich abgrenzen                                         
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_GETDETAIL    Read bank details                                                         
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_GETLIST      Read instances                                                            
BAPI_BANKDETAILGB_REQUEST      Create locked bank details record                                         
PBNK_JP                        Business Object BankDetail JP                                             
BAPI_BANKDETAILJP_DETAILEDLIST Bank Japan: Read instances with record                                    
BAPI_BANKDETAILJP_GETDETAIL    Bank Japan: Read record                                                   
PBNK_NL                        Business Object BankDetail (NL)                                           
BAPIBANKDETAILSIMULATECREATINL Simulation: Create bank details                                           
BAPI_BANKDETAILCREATESUCCESSNL Create subsequent bank details record                                     
BAPI_BANKDETAILGETDETAILEDLINL Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_APPROVE      Unlock bank details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_CHANGE       Change Bank Details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_CREATE       Create Bank Details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_DELETE       Delete Bank Details                                                       
BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_GETDETAIL    Read bank details                                                         
BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_GETLIST      Read Instances                                                            
BAPI_BANKDETAILNL_REQUEST      Create locked bank details record                                         
PDATAR                         Business object date type                                                 
BAPI_DATESPECS_GETDETAILEDLIST Read instances with data                                                  
PERS                           Business object: PersData                                                 
BAPI_PERSDATA_CHANGE           Change personal data                                                      
BAPI_PERSDATA_CREATE           Create personal data                                                      
BAPI_PERSDATA_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subs.personal data record                                          
BAPI_PERSDATA_DELETE           Delete personal data                                                      
BAPI_PERSDATA_DELIMIT          Delimit personal data validity period                                     
BAPI_PERSDATA_GETDETAIL        Read personal data                                                        
BAPI_PERSDATA_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_PERSDATA_GETLIST          Read instances                                                            
BAPI_PERSDATA_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create personal data                                          
PERS_JP                        Business object: PersDataJP                                               
BAPI_PERSDATAJP_CHANGE         Personal data Japan: Change record                                        
BAPI_PERSDATAJP_CREATE         Personal data Japan: Create record                                        
BAPI_PERSDATAJP_CREATSUCCESSOR Personal data Japan: Create succeeding record                             
BAPI_PERSDATAJP_GEDETAILEDLIST Personal data Japan: Read instances with record                           
BAPI_PERSDATAJP_GETDETAIL      Personal data Japan: Read record                                          
BAPI_PERSDATAJP_SIMULACREATION Personal data Japan: Simulate Create record                               
PERS_NL                        Business Object PersData (NL)                                             
BAPI_PERSDANL_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subs.personal data record                                          
BAPI_PERSDANL_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_PERSDANL_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create personal data                                          
BAPI_PERSDATANL_CHANGE         Change Personal Data                                                      
BAPI_PERSDATANL_CREATE         Create Personal Data                                                      
BAPI_PERSDATANL_DELETE         Delete Personal Data                                                      
BAPI_PERSDATANL_GETDETAIL      Read Personal Data                                                        
BAPI_PERSDATANL_GETLIST        Read Instances                                                            
PFAM                           Business Object Family                                                    
BAPI_FAMILY_APPROVE            Unlock family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILY_CHANGE             Change Family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILY_CREATE             Create Family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILY_CREATESUCCESSOR    Create subsequent family record                                           
BAPI_FAMILY_DELETE             Delete Family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILY_DELIMIT            Delimit family validity period                                            
BAPI_FAMILY_GETDETAIL          Read family                                                               
BAPI_FAMILY_GETDETAILEDLIST    Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_FAMILY_GETLIST            Read Instances                                                            
BAPI_FAMILY_REQUEST            Create locked family record                                               
BAPI_FAMILY_SIMULATECREATION   Simulation: Create family                                                 
PFAM_GB                        Business Object Family - GB                                               
BAPI_FAMILYGB_APPROVE          Unlock family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYGB_CHANGE           Change family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYGB_CREATE           Create family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYGB_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent family record                                           
BAPI_FAMILYGB_DELETE           Delete family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYGB_DELIMIT          Delimit family                                                            
BAPI_FAMILYGB_GETDETAIL        Read family                                                               
BAPI_FAMILYGB_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYGB_GETLIST          Read instances                                                            
BAPI_FAMILYGB_REQUEST          Create locked family record                                               
BAPI_FAMILYGB_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create family                                                 
PFAM_IE                        Business Object Family - Ireland                                          
BAPI_FAMILYIE_APPROVE          Unlock family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYIE_CHANGE           Change family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYIE_CREATE           Create family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYIE_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent family record                                           
BAPI_FAMILYIE_DELETE           Delete family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYIE_DELIMIT          Delimit family                                                            
BAPI_FAMILYIE_GETDETAIL        Read family                                                               
BAPI_FAMILYIE_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYIE_GETLIST          Read instances                                                            
BAPI_FAMILYIE_REQUEST          Create locked family record                                               
BAPI_FAMILYIE_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create family                                                 
PFAM_IT                        IT family member Business object                                          
BAPI_FAMILYIT_CHANGE           IT family member: change record                                           
BAPI_FAMILYIT_CREATE           IT family members: create record                                          
BAPI_FAMILYIT_CREATESUCCESSOR  IT family member: Create next record                                      
BAPI_FAMILYIT_GETDETAIL        IT family member: detail                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYIT_GETDETAILEDLIST  IT family member: read instances with data                                
BAPI_FAMILYIT_REQUEST          IT family member: Create blocked record                                   
BAPI_FAMILYIT_SIMULATECREATION IT family member: Simulate creation                                       
PFAM_JP                        Business Object FamilyJP                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYJP_CHANGE           Family Japan: Change record                                               
BAPI_FAMILYJP_CREATE           Family Japan: Create record                                               
BAPI_FAMILYJP_CREATESUCCESSOR  Family Japan: Create succeeding record                                    
BAPI_FAMILYJP_GETDETAIL        Family Japan: Read record                                                 
BAPI_FAMILYJP_GETDETAILEDLIST  Family Japan: Read instances with record                                  
BAPI_FAMILYJP_REQUEST          Family Japan: Create locked record                                        
BAPI_FAMILYJP_SIMULATECREATION Family Japan: Simulate Create record                                      
PFAM_NL                        Business Object Family (NL)                                               
BAPI_FAMILYNL_CHANGE           Change Family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYNL_CREATE           Create Family                                                             
BAPI_FAMILYNL_CREATESUCCESSOR  Create subsequent family record                                           
BAPI_FAMILYNL_GETDETAIL        Read family                                                               
BAPI_FAMILYNL_GETDETAILEDLIST  Read instances with data                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYNL_REQUEST          Create locked family record                                               
BAPI_FAMILYNL_SIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create family                                                 
PFAM_US                        Business Object FamilyUS                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYUS_CHANGE           Family US: Change record                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYUS_CREATE           Family US: Create record                                                  
BAPI_FAMILYUS_CREATESUCCESSOR  Family US: Create subsequent family record                                
BAPI_FAMILYUS_GETDETAIL        Family US: Read Record                                                    
BAPI_FAMILYUS_GETDETAILEDLIST  Family US: Read instances with data                                       
BAPI_FAMILYUS_REQUEST          Family US: Create locked record                                           
BAPI_FAMILYUS_SIMULATECREATION Family US: Simulate record creation                                       
PFDC                           Bus Object FISCDATACA : Fisc Data Canada                                  
BAPI_FISCDATA_CA_GETDETAILLIST Read the employee fiscal data - CANADA                                    
PICO                           Business Object IntControl                                                
BAPIINTCONTROLSIMULATECREATION Simulation: Create internal control                                       
BAPI_INTCONTROLCREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent internal control record                                 
BAPI_INTCONTROL_APPROVE        Unlock internal control                                                   
BAPI_INTCONTROL_CHANGE         Change internal control                                                   
BAPI_INTCONTROL_CREATE         Create internal control                                                   
BAPI_INTCONTROL_DELETE         Delete internal control                                                   
BAPI_INTCONTROL_DELIMIT        Delimit internal control validity period                                  
BAPI_INTCONTROL_GETDETAIL      Read internal control                                                     
BAPI_INTCONTROL_GETLIST        Read instances                                                            
BAPI_INTCONTROL_REQUEST        Create locked internal control record                                     
PRGN_BAPIS                     BAPIs for Activity Groups                                                 
BAPI_CONVERT_DATA_FROM_AGR     Conversion of Internal Tables to BAPI Format                              
BAPI_CONVERT_DATA_TO_AGR       Conversion of Internal Tables From BAPI Format                            
BAPI_JOBROLE_CLONE             Create a User Role in Another System By Copying                           
PTEX                           External Interfaces                                                       
BAPI_PTMGREXTTIMESPEC_GETSTATU BAPI: Transmits Status of Record in the Interface Table                   
QAALE                          Distribution of QM Setup Data                                             
BAPI_MATINSPCTRL_REPLICATE     Prepare Inspection Setup (Inspection Types) for Distribution              
BAPI_MATINSPCTRL_SAVEREPLICA   Replication of QM Inspection Setup                                        
QC08                           BAPIs for Q-certificates on the Web                                       
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETSALESAREAS    Create List of Sales Areas for the Customer                               
BAPI_CUST_SAREAS_MATERIALS_GET Create List of Materials for the Sales Areas of a Customer                
QIST                           QM Statistical Interface (QM-STI)                                         
BAPI_INSPLOT_STATINTERFACE     QM STI Interface                                                          
RH65                           HR-CA: Who is Who                                                         
BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETDATA          Find Personnel Numbers for Specified Search Criteria                      
RHABAPI                        HR-CA: Distribution Using BAPI                                            
BAPI_HRMASTER_SAVE_REPL_MULT   BAPI for Replicating HR Master Data, HR Organizational Data               
RHALMULT1                      HR-CA: Distributed Org. Managemt (BAPIs)                                  
BAPI_ORGMASTER_REPLICATE       HR-CA: Replication of HR Objects                                          
BAPI_ORGMASTER_SAVE_ORIG_MULT  Save Replications of HR Organizational Objects as Originals               
BAPI_ORGMASTER_SAVE_REPL_MULT  BAPI for Replication of HR Organizational Data                            
RHPE_JOBREQUIRE_BAPI           PA-PD: BAPI's for Requirements                                            
BAPI_JOBREQUIRE_GETLIST        Read requirements profile                                                 
RHPE_JOBREQUIRE_PROF_BAPI      PA-PD: BAPIs for Requirements Profiles                                    
BAPI_JOBREQUIREPROF_CHANGE     Create, Delete or Change Requirements Subprofile                          
RHPE_PDOTYPE_Q_BAPI            PA-PD: BAPI's for Qualification Type                                      
BAPI_PDOTYPE_Q_GETDETAIL       Attributes of a qualification type                                        
BAPI_PDOTYPE_Q_GETLIST         Read qualification types                                                  
RHPE_QUALIFIC_BAPI             PA-PD: BAPI's for Qualifications                                          
BAPI_QUALIFIC_GETLIST          Read qualifications profile                                               
RHPE_QUALI_DIR_BAPI            PA-PD: BAPIs for Qualifications Catalog                                   
BAPI_QUALIDIRECTORY_LIST       Structure of qualifications catalog                                       
BAPI_QUALIDIRECTORY_LIST_UP    Read qualification group for qualification                                
RHPE_QUALI_PROF_BAPI           PA-PD: BAPIs for Qualifications Profiles                                  
BAPI_QUALIPROF_CHANGE          Create, delete, and change qualifications profile                         
RHVI                           Training & Events: Internet, BAPI
BAPI_ATTENDEE_BOOK_LIST        Read Attendee Bookings                                                    
BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change attendee password                                                  
BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHECKEXISTENCE   Check existence of attendee                                               
BAPI_ATTENDEE_CHECKPASSWORD    Check attendee password                                                   
BAPI_ATTENDEE_PREBOOK_LIST     Read attendee prebookings                                                 
BAPI_ATTENDEE_TYPE_LIST        Internet attendee types                                                   
BAPI_BOOK_ATTENDANCE           Book Attendance                                                           
BAPI_BUS_EVENTGROUP_LIST       Read Business Event Group Hierarchy                                       
BAPI_BUS_EVENTTYPE_INFO        Read data for business event type                                         
BAPI_BUS_EVENTTYPE_LIST        Read business event types in a business event group                       
BAPI_BUS_EVENT_INFO            Read Business Event Data                                                  
BAPI_BUS_EVENT_INIT            Read default values for creation of business event catalog                
BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LANGUAGE        Business event languages                                                  
BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LIST            Read business event dates for event type                                  
BAPI_BUS_EVENT_LOCATION        Business event locations                                                  
BAPI_BUS_EVENT_SCHEDULE        Read time schedule of a business event                                    
BAPI_COMPANY_BOOK_LIST         Read all bookings of a group attendee                                     
BAPI_COMPANY_PREBOOK_LIST      Read prebookings of a group attendee                                      
BAPI_DELETE_ATTENDANCE         Cancel attendance                                                         
BAPI_GET_EVENTTYPE_FOR_QUALIF  Determine Business Event Types for Specified Qualifications               
BAPI_GET_EVENTTYPE_FOR_TARGET  Determine Business Event Types via Target Group                           
BAPI_PREBOOK_ATTENDANCE        Prebook attendance                                                        
BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_NAME     Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Text                     
BAPI_SEARCH_EVENTTYPE_TEXT     Find Business Event Types Using String in Object Description              
BAPI_SUBTYPES_FOR_DESCRIPTION  Determine Subtypes of Description Infotype                                
RH_APPRAISAL_BAPI              PA-PD: BAPIs for Appraisals                                               
BAPI_APPRAISAL_CHANGE          Change appraisals                                                         
BAPI_APPRAISAL_CREATE          Create appraisals                                                         
BAPI_APPRAISAL_DELETE          Delete appraisals                                                         
BAPI_APPRAISAL_GETDETAIL       Read appraisal                                                            
BAPI_APPRAISAL_GETLIST         Display appraisals                                                        
BAPI_APPRAISAL_STATUS_CHANGE   Change appraisal status                                                   
RH_APPRAISAL_MODEL_BAPI        PA-PD: BAPIs for Appraisal Models                                         
BAPI_APPRAISAL_MODEL_GETDETAIL Read appraisal model                                                      
BAPI_APPRAISAL_MODEL_GETLIST   Display Appraisal Model                                                   
BAPI_APPRAISAL_SCALE_GETDETAIL Read proficiencies and texts for scale                                    
BAPI_APPRAISEE_GETLIST         Read appraisees                                                           
BAPI_APPRAISER_GETLIST         Read appraisers                                                           
RH_ORGPUB_APP                  OrgPublisher Integration/Application                                      
BAPI_ORGUNITEXT_DATA_GET       Get data on organizational unit                                           
RH_PDOTYPES                    BAPI Function Modules                                                     
BAPI_PDOTYPES_GETDETAILEDLIST  Object List With Detailed Information                                     
RPTC                           HR-TIM: Connection to Time Rec. Systems                                   
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_ATTABSREASON   HR-PDC: Download Attendance/Absence Reasons                               
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_BALANCES       HR-PDC: Download Employee Balances                                        
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_COSTCENTER     HR-PDC: Download Cost Centers                                             
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_EXTWAGETYPE    HR-PDC: Download Permitted Employee Expenditures                          
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_INTERNALORDER  HR-PDC: Download Internal Orders                                          
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_MINIMASTER     HR-PDC: Download HR Mini-Master                                           
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_OBJECTID       HRPDC: Download Objects (such as Positions)                               
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_TEVENTTGROUP   HR-PDC: Download Time Event Type Groupings                                
BAPI_CC1_DNLOAD_WBSELEMENT     HR-PDC: Download Work Breakdown Structure Element                         
BAPI_CC1_REQUEST_EXTWAGETYPE   HR-PDC: Upload Request for Employee Expenditures                          
BAPI_CC1_REQUEST_TIMEEVENT     HR-PDC: Upload Request for Time Events                                    
BAPI_CC1_UPLOAD_EXTWAGETYPE    HR-PDC: Upload Employee Expenditures                                      
BAPI_CC1_UPLOAD_TIMEEVENT      HR-PDC: Upload Time Events                                                
RWCL                           Interface to Accounting                                                   
BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY      Accounting: Display Method for Follow-On Document Display                 
BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_RECORD       Accounting: Follow-on Document Numbers for Source Document                
SALX                           Monitoring Arch.: External Interfaces                                     
BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_ACKNOWLEDGE  Confirmation of an Alert                                                  
BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_GETDETAILS   Read Alert Details                                                        
BAPI_SYSTEM_ALERT_SPLITTDATA   Splits Alert Data into Logical Units                                      
BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_BUILD          Creating a System Monitor Using a List of MTEs                            
BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETDETAILS     Read (Display) Properties into System Monitor                             
BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETLIST        Read All Monitors in a Monitor Set                                        
BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTEMPLATE    Read All Monitor Templates for a Specific Monitor                         
BAPI_SYSTEM_MON_GETTREE        Reports the Monitor Tree                                                  
BAPI_SYSTEM_MS_GETDETAILS      Read the Monitor Set Display Properties                                   
BAPI_SYSTEM_MS_GETLIST         Read All Stored Monitor Sets                                              
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_DISABLEALGEN   Switch Off Alert Generation for a Monitor Tree Element                    
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_ENABLEALGEN    Switch On Alert Generation for a Monitor Tree Element                     
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETALERTS      Read Alerts for a Monitor Tree Element                                    
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETGENPROP     Read General Properties of a Monitor Tree Element                         
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLCURVAL    Read Current Values of a Log Attribute                                    
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLHIS       Read Value History of a Log Attribute                                     
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETMLPROP      Read Specific Properties of a Log Attribute                               
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFCURVAL  Read the Current Performance Values                                       
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFHIS     Read the Performance Data History                                         
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETPERFPROP    Read the Specific Performance Attribute Properties                        
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETSMPROP      Read the Properties Specific to a Status Attribute                        
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETSMVALUE     Read Current Status Attribute Values                                      
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETTIDBYNAME   Read TID for a Uniquely-Named MTE                                         
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_GETTREE        Read Subtree Expanded by Monitor Tree Element                             
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_RESET          Reset Properties for Monitor Tree Element                                 
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETGENPROP     Set the General Properties of a MTE                                       
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETMLPROP      Set the Specific Message Log Properties                                   
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETPERFPROP    Set the Specific Performance Attribute Properties                         
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SETSMPROP      Set the Specific Status Attribute Properties                              
BAPI_SYSTEM_MTE_SPLITTDATA     Splits the Data for a Node into Logical Units                             
BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_CREATEBYTEMPL   Creates a Monitor Tree Based on a Monitor Template                        
BAPI_SYSTEM_MT_GETALERTDATA    Read Alert Data into Monitor Tree                                         
BAPI_SYS_MNGMT_UTIL_GETCURSERV Determine Current Available Servers and Services                          
SCTS_OBJECT_CTREQUEST          Methods for Object Type CTRequest                                         
BAPI_CTREQUEST_CREATE          Create request with tasks (method for object CTREQUEST)                   
BAPI_CTREQUEST_CREATE_TASKS    Create tasks for request (method for object CTREQUEST)                    
BAPI_CTREQUEST_RELEASE         Release task or request (method for object CTREQUEST)                     
SU_COMPANY                     Distribution of company addresses                                         
BAPI_COMPANY_CLONE             Duplicate company address in another system                               
BAPI_COMPANY_DELETE            Delete Company Address in Other System                                    
BAPI_COMPANY_DISPLAY           Delete Company Address in Other System                                    
BAPI_COMPANY_RENAME            Change Company Address                                                    
BAPI_COMPANY_RESPONSE          Users: Confirmation to Central System                                     
SU_USER                        Methods of object USER                                                    
BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_ASSIGN     User: Change entire activity group assignment                             
BAPI_USER_ACTGROUPS_DELETE     User: Delete entire activity group assignment                             
BAPI_USER_CHANGE               Change User                                                               
BAPI_USER_CLONE                Create User with Template in Another System                               
BAPI_USER_CREATE               Create a User                                                             
BAPI_USER_CREATE1              Create a User                                                             
BAPI_USER_DELETE               BAPI to Delete a User                                                     
BAPI_USER_DISPLAY              Display users                                                             
BAPI_USER_EXISTENCE_CHECK      Check a user exists                                                       
BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL           Read User Details                                                         
BAPI_USER_LOCACTGROUPS_ASSIGN  Change Activity Group Assignment for Dependent Systems from Central System
BAPI_USER_LOCACTGROUPS_DELETE  Delete Activity Group Assignments in the Dependent Systems                
BAPI_USER_LOCK                 Lock User                                                                 
BAPI_USER_LOCPROFILES_ASSIGN   Change Profile Assignment for Dependent Systems from Central System       
BAPI_USER_LOCPROFILES_DELETE   Delete Profile Assignments for Dependent Systems                          
BAPI_USER_PROFILES_ASSIGN      User: Assign profiles                                                     
BAPI_USER_PROFILES_DELETE      User: Delete All Profile Assignments                                      
BAPI_USER_UNLOCK               Unlock user                                                               
SXBP                           External Interface f. Background Proc.                                    
BAPI_XBP_GET_BP_RESRC_ON_DATE  Determine all Background Resources Available on a Particular Date         
BAPI_XBP_GET_BP_SRVRES_ON_DATE Determine Background Resources of Server on Particular Date               
BAPI_XBP_GET_CURR_BP_RESOURCES Determine Background Resources Currently Available in System              
BAPI_XBP_INTRFACE_DESCRIBE_INT Each SMAPI Delivers 'Its' Long Text Name via This Type of Function        
BAPI_XBP_JOB_ABAP_STEP_MODIFY  Assign ABAP Program to a Specific Job Step                                
BAPI_XBP_JOB_ABORT             Cancel Job                                                                
BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP     Add Job Step with ABAP Program to a Job                                   
BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_EXT_STEP      Assign an External Program to a Job Step                                  
BAPI_XBP_JOB_CLOSE             Complete Job Definition                                                   
BAPI_XBP_JOB_COUNT             Count How Many Jobs There are With a Particular Name                      
BAPI_XBP_JOB_DEFINITION_GET    Read Job Definition                                                       
BAPI_XBP_JOB_DELETE            Count How Many Jobs There are With a Particular Name                      
BAPI_XBP_JOB_EXT_STEP_MODIFY   Assign an External Program to a Particular Job Step                       
BAPI_XBP_JOB_JOBLOG_READ       Read Job Log for a Job                                                    
BAPI_XBP_JOB_OPEN              Create Job                                                                
BAPI_XBP_JOB_SELECT            Select Background Job According to Specific Criteria                      
BAPI_XBP_JOB_SPOOLLIST_READ    Read the Spool List of an ABAP Job Step                                   
BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_ASAP        Start Job as Soon as Possible                                             
BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_IMMEDIATELY Start Job Immediately                                                     
BAPI_XBP_JOB_STATUS_CHECK      Reconcile Job Status According to DB With Actual Status                   
BAPI_XBP_JOB_STATUS_GET        Determine Status of a Job                                                 
BAPI_XBP_VARIANT_INFO_GET      Determine all Defined Variants of an ABAP Program                         
BAPI_XBP_VERSIONS_GET_INT      Each Interface Attaches Its Version to an Existing Table                  
BAPI_XBP_VERSION_CHECK_INT     The Version of the External Tool is Tested Against the Supported Vers.    
SXMI                           Help fct for connecting ext. mgmt tools                                   
BAPI_XMI_CHECK_VERSION         Check Whether a Particular Version of an Interface is Supported           
BAPI_XMI_DESCRIBE_INTERFACE    Query Long Name of an Interface                                           
BAPI_XMI_ENTER_LOGMSG          Enter External Message in XMI Log                                         
BAPI_XMI_GET_VERSIONS          Query Supported Versions of XMI Interfaces                                
BAPI_XMI_LOGOFF                Log Off an External Management Tool                                       
BAPI_XMI_LOGON                 Log onto an external management tool                                      
BAPI_XMI_MSG_FORMATS_UPLOAD    Obsolete: ... external message formats                                    
BAPI_XMI_SELECT_LOG            Selection of Translated Entries in XMI Log                                
BAPI_XMI_SET_AUDITLEVEL        Set Audit Level of an XMI Session                                         
BAPI_XMI_UPLOAD_MSG_FORMATS    Transfer of External Message Formats                                      
SZAK                           BAPIs for BOR object BUS4001 (AddrOrg)                                    
BAPI_ADDRESSORG_CHANGE         BAPI to change organization addresses                                     
BAPI_ADDRESSORG_GETDETAIL      BAPI to read organization addresses                                       
BAPI_ADDRESSORG_SAVEREPLICA    BAPI for inbound distribution of organizational addresses                 
SZAL                           BAPIs for BOR object BUS4002 (AddrPers)                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSPERS_CHANGE        BAPI to change person addresses                                           
BAPI_ADDRESSPERS_GETDETAIL     BAPI to read person addresses                                             
BAPI_ADDRESSPERS_SAVEREPLICA   BAPI for inbound distribution of private addresses                        
SZAM                           BAPIs f. BOR obj. BUS4003 (AddrContPart)                                  
BAPI_ADDRCONTPART_SAVEREPLICA  BAPI for inbound distribution of contact person addresses                 
BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_CHANGE    BAPI to change contact person addresses                                   
BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_GETDETAIL BAPI to read contact person addresses                                     
TIQU                           Time quota                                                                
BAPI_TIMEQUOTA_GETDETAILEDLIST BAPI: Determines Quota Data for a Personnel Number                        
TSPA                           Division                                                                  
BAPI_DIVISION_EXIST            Division: Existence Check                                                 
BAPI_DIVISION_GET_DETAIL       Division: Display Name                                                    
TVTW                           Distribution channel                                                      
BAPI_DISTRIBCHANNEL_EXIST      Distribution Channel: Existence Check                                     
BAPI_DISTRIBCHANNEL_GET_DETAIL Distribution Channel: Display Name                                        
USR1                           Business Object USR01DOHR                                                 
BAPI_USR01DOHR_GETEMPLOYEE     Determine employee from user name                                         
V02D                           Customer Master: Read/Block                                               
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA   Customer: Change customer                                                 
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA1  Check personal data of a customer                                         
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA   Customer: Create customer                                                 
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEFROMDATA1  BAPI Create customer for BO customer (KNA1) - with CAM features           
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL        Customer: Read customer                                                   
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL1       BAPI Read customer to BO customer (KNA1) - with CAM features              
BAPI_CUSTOMER_SEARCH           Customer: Find customer number                                            
BAPI_CUSTOMER_SEARCH1          BAPI Search customer for BO customer (KNA1) - with CAM features           
V02HBAPI                       SD Customer Hierarchy: BAPI Implementn                                    
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GET_CHILDREN     BAPI Customer Hierarchy GetChildren() Implementation                      
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GET_ROOT         BAPI Customer Hiearchy getRoot() Implementation                           
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GET_ROOT_LIST    BAPI Customer Hierarchy getRootList() Implementation                      
V46W                           SD Functions: Incoming Orders WWW                                         
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEPASSWORD   Change customer password                                                  
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHECKEXISTENCE   Check valid customer number                                               
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHECKPASSWORD    Check customer password                                                   
BAPI_CUSTOMER_CREATEPWREG      Create entry for customer password                                        
BAPI_CUSTOMER_DELETEPWREG      Delete entry for customer password                                        
BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETPWREG         Read entry for customer password                                          
BAPI_CUSTOMER_INITPASSWORD     Initialize customer password                                              
V50I                           Delivery BAPIs                                                            
BAPI_IBDLV_CREATE_FROM_OBDLV   BAPI Inbound Delivery from Outbound Delivery                              
BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC  BAPI for Inbound Delivery Confirmation from a Decentralized System        
BAPI_INB_DELIVERY_SAVEREPLICA  BAPI Function Module for Replication of Inbound Deliveries                
BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CONFIRM_DEC BAPI for Outbound Delivery Confirmation from a Decentralized System       
BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_SAVEREPLICA BAPI Function Module for Replication of Outbound Deliveries               
V81ABAPI                       SD Product Hierarchy: BAPI Impl.                                          
BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_PRODUCTHIER  BAPI Material Get Product Hierarchy ()                                    
VBAK                           Business Object Sales Document                                            
BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE      BAPI Change Sales Document                                                
BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_COPY        Copying a Sales Document in a Subsequent Document                         
BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA1 Creating a Sales Document                                                 
BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEWITHDIA   Creating a Sales Document                                                 
VBKA                           Business Object IFVBKA Abstract Method                                    
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_ADD_ASGN Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Add to Assigned                      
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_DELETE   Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Delete                               
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_GETLIST  Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Get List                             
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REM_ASGN Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Remove from Assigned                 
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REPCH    Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Replicate Changed Objects            
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_REPLIC   Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Replicate Objects on Demand          
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_SAVE     Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document Save from Memory                     
BAPI_SALESSUPDOCUMENT_SETACT   Abstract BAPI Sales Support Document - Set simulated to active            
VBRK                           Methods for Object Type VBRK                                              
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CANCEL         Cancel Customer Individual Billing Document                               
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CANCEL1        Cancel Customer Individual Billing Document                               
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CONFIRM        Customer Individual Billing Document : Confirm Billing Document           
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATE         Custimer Individual Billing Document : Create Billing Document            
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEFROMDATA Create Customer Individual Billing Doc. Using Ext. Doc. from RH           
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE Create Individual Customer Billing Document                               
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_DISPLAY        Customer Individual Billing Document : Display Billing Document           
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_EDIT           Customer Individual Billing Document : Change Billing Doc. (with dialogue)
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_EXISTENCECHECK Individual Customer Billing Document : Existence Check                    
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_GETDETAIL      Detailed Information on a Billing Document                                
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_GETLIST        Detailed Information on a Billing Document                                
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_GET_FIELD_INFO Determine Field Information for a Billing Document                        
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_IS_CANCELLED   Individual Customer Billing Document: Is Billing Document Canceled?       
BAPI_BILLINGDOC_SIMULATE       Simulate Customer Individual Billing Document using External Document     
VBWB                           BAPIs for Batch                                                           
BAPI_BATCH_CHANGE              Change Batch                                                              
BAPI_BATCH_CREATE              Create Batch                                                              
BAPI_BATCH_DELETE              Set Deletion Indicator for Batch                                          
BAPI_BATCH_GET_DETAIL          Batch Detailed Information                                                
BAPI_BATCH_GET_LEVEL           Determine Batch Level                                                     
BAPI_BATCH_REPLICATE           Distribute Batch                                                          
BAPI_BATCH_RESTRICT            Change Batch Status to 'Restricted'                                       
BAPI_BATCH_SAVE_REPLICA        Replicate Batch                                                           
BAPI_BATCH_UNDELETE            Cancel Deletion Indicator for Batch                                       
BAPI_BATCH_UNRESTRICT          Change Batch Status to 'Unrestricted'                                     
VBWU                           BAPIs Batch-Specific Unit of Measure                                      
BAPI_BMUOM_REPLICATE           Distribute Batch-Specific Material Units of Measure                       
BAPI_BMUOM_SAVEREPLICAMULTIPLE Replicate Batch-Specific Material Quantity Units                          
VCCW                           Credit card processing Internet WWW                                       
BAPI_CREDITCARD_AUTHORIZATION  Credit Card Authorization                                                 
BAPI_CREDITCARD_CHECK          Credit card check                                                         
BAPI_CREDITCARD_CHECKNUMBER    Credit card check, type and number                                        
VVTR                           Express Delivery Company Interface                                        
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_LABEL_DATA       Interface Methods: Get Data Fields from Express Delivery Company          
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_META             Interface Methods: Get Meta-Data from Express Delivery Company            
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_NUMBER_RANGE     Make Tracking Number Range Available                                      
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_PRDCD            Make Express Delivery Company's Product Codes Available                   
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_ROUTING          Make Express Delivery Company's Routing Info Available                    
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_SRVC_CD          Make Express Delivery Company's Service Codes Available                   
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_TRACK_STATUS     Make Tracking Status Available by Using an Object                         
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_TRKS             Make Express Delivery Company's Tracking Status Available                 
BAPI_CAR_PRVD_URL              Make Express Delivery Company's URLs Available                            
BAPI_PRVD_CARRIER_LIST         List of All Available Express Delivery Companies                          
W61V                           ATP information in the internet                                           
BAPI_MATERIAL_AVAILABILITY     ATP information                                                           
WBW5                           BAPIs for Revaluation at Retail                                           
BAPI_SVCHANGE_CHANGE_STATUS    Enter Count Quantity and Change Item Status from A to B or C              
BAPI_SVCHANGE_GET_ITEMS        Read Retail Revaluation Document for Store, Key Date, Item Status         
WPLG                           Space management: Read and write                                          
BAPI_SITELAYMOD_CHANGE         Layout Module: Update Material Data                                       
BAPI_SITELAYMOD_GETITEMS       Layout Module: Read Material Data                                         
BAPI_SITELAYMOD_GETITEMS2      Layout Module: Read Material Data                                         
WRPL_BAPI                      Replenishment BAPIs                                                       
BAPI_RTMAT_RPL_SAVEREPLICAMULT Create and Change Replenishment Master Data                               
WSOS                           Modules for the structured material                                       
BAPI_MATERIAL_GETCOMPONENTS    Break down structured materials                                           
WWG4                           Distribution of Material Groups                                           
BAPI_MATL_GROUP_SAVEREPLICA    Distribution of material groups